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Desean Jackson and The Game Tried to Pick Up Rihanna Outside a Club

I think for a threesome.

ATTN: Girls Who Play Hard To Get, I’m Sick And Tired of Your Shit

You want what you can’t have. It’s a concept that can be traced back to the hunter and gatherer era, probably. A bold strategy that

​The 6 Keys To Day-Game Success

I’ve been practicing day-game a lot recently, simply because I wanted a change from the whole night thing. Amongst other things, I noticed that the

The Game Gives Amazing Impromptu Freestyle to a Crowd in L.A.

Just incredible. I have no idea how people freestyle. If anyone in our office tried to freestyle I would guarantee their

The Easiest Way To Make Out With A Chick

​I was watching TV a couple of weeks ago and saw something pretty awesome. Although the dude on there was doing

Just a Few Soccer Players Getting Hit with Firecrackers in the Middle of a Match

And somehow, this isn't suprising at all. 

Ohio State VP Sends Out Email Warning Students Not to Jump in Mirror Lake

Just dropped in the inbox from a tipster, the annual tradition unlike ANY other at Ohio State: A utterly worthless email telling students not to

All In The Game: Celebrating The Wire’s Biggest Bro Moments

Ten years ago today, HBO premiered a show called “The Wire.” The rest is history. As a tribute to what is considered one of the greatest

What the Hell is Wrong with The Game?

It's pretty clear that Los Angeles rapper The Game needs to go see his therapist before his next studio session. He's never been one to

Yale Running Back Deon Randall Might Want to Work on His Chest-Bump Skills…

Today Harvard beat the Yale Bulldogs, 28-21. Before we get to this chest-bump FAIL, let's recap. As usual, there were all sorts of unconventional story