taylor swift

Twitter Hackers Are Threatening To Release Nudes Of Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift, to the dismay of what I'm going to assume is at least maybe 10 people (.

the fappening

New Hacked Celebrity Nudes Are Going For $350 A Pop Online, With 47 New Celebs Poised To Be Leaked Soon


We all know what happened with the leaked celebrity nudes and 4chan, but now that 4chan’s gotten buttfucked over the whole thing where are people going in order to get their naked picture fix.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Wikipedia Page Hacked To Show Stolen Nude Photos


Yesterday the Jennifer Lawrence Wikipedia page was hacked to show stolen nude photos that were part of The Fappening yesterday.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Finally Comments On Leaked Nudes, Calls ‘The Fappening’ A Sex Crime


Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of the November issue of Vanity Fair, promoting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, a movie destine to make Scrooge McDuck piles of cash.

fappening lawsuit

Fappening Victims Threatening To Sue Google For $100 Million


Celebrities affected by the hacked photo scandal known as The Fappening or Celebgate have had their lawyers send a letter to Google threatening to sue the company for $100 million for what they say is its role in the photos being distributed across the Internet.


Uh Oh, Someone Made A Movie Poster For ‘The Fappening’ Directed By M. Night Shyamalamalama


Thanks to the glory that is Wikipedia, August 31st, 2014 will forever be remembered by the name 'The Fappening.

wwe divas

AJ Lee Nude Photos Reportedly Leaked In Latest Cyber Attack


AJ Lee nude photos allegedly appear to be among the latest set of hacked celebrity nude pictures making the rounds on the Internet according to a new report.

emma watson hoax

That 4chan Threat To Leak Emma Watson Nudes? Turns Out It Was A Viral Marketing Hoax


The other day what appeared to be a Web site called "Emma You Are Next" counting down the seconds until nude photos of Emma Watson would be released as a part of the ongoing Fappening suddenly appeared on the Internet.

ariana grande leaked pics

Ariana Grande Says Definitively That Those Hacked Nude Pics Were Not Her


I'm not sure that I 100% believe Ariana Grande when she says that those Fappening nude pics were not her (either because they REALLY looked like her or I just don't want to believe that they weren't), but according to this video shot with the woman herself, Ariana flat out denies that they were her as Monday at LAX she laid out a full list of reasons why the pics are definitely fake.

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