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Watch Jennifer Lawerence FREAK OUT When Meeting His Dudeness, or Duder, or El Duderino

In another life, when BroBible is taken just a little more seriously by the mainstream entertainment media (i.e.: next year), I dream of waltzing onto

Jeff Bridges Was on The Daily Show, Because the Dude Still Abides


Check Out ‘The Dude’: A Documentary about the Real-Life ‘Big Lebowski’

Die-hard fans of "The Big Lebowski" know that the character of The Dude is actually based off a real guy, Jeff Dowd, a 1970s-era anti-war

Marijuana in Movies: The Supercut

Man, I got real excited about this supercut from Pleated Jeans, but sadly it's missing two of my favorite marijuana scenes

The Dude’s House from ‘The Big Lebowski’ Is For Sale for $2.3 Million

Are you a member of the Little Lebowski Urban Achiever club with a cool 2.3 million that's burning a hole in your pocket? You