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Jon Stewart Eviscerates ESPN Over Their Michael Sam’s Showering Habits Report

ESPN looked like a bunch of damn fools earlier this week with their "report" from St. Louis on the showering habits of Michael Sam.

Watch Jon Stewart Recap Fifteen Hilarious Years Of Shitting All Over CNN

"Don Lemon's ZESTY News Bowl"

Watch Jon Stewart From ‘The Daily Show’ Start A Kickstarter To Buy CNN

Well, that's one way to get me to maybe watch CNN.

Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Battle Over Who’s The Bigger Star Wars Fan Using The Worst Effects Budget In History

I'm estimating a budget of about 10 cents.

Jon Stewart Just Tore Everyone To Shreds When He Came Back From Vacation And Saw The World Had Basically Exploded

Come on guys, we couldn't keep our shit together for 14 days?

Jon Stewart Tore the City of Philadelphia a New Asshole Last Night

Last week, Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg claimed iconic New York burger chain Shake Shack gave him massive diarrhea when he was in town to take

‘The Daily Show’s’ Senior Black Correspondent Will Take Over For Stephen Colbert

He's not an old, white man, but he'll do.

Stephen Colbert Interrupted ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night to Say Goodbye to Jon Stewart

Wait. What is going on?

‘The Daily Show’ Destroyed the NCAA and All Its Hypocrisies Last Night

It's always interesting when someone outside the sports bubble takes a look at the NCAA.

Here’s How Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Reacted to the ‘Late Show’ Host Announcement

Yesterday, the entire world reported that Stephen Colbert will be taking over The Late Show once David Letterman finally retires.

Watch Jon Stewart Take CNN To Task for Incessant Flight 370 Coverage

You might not believe this, but CNN is still beating the Flight 370 drum.

Peter Dinklage Quite Enjoyed Your Pain Watching the Red Wedding

Peter Dinklage is slowly turning into Tyrion Lannister.

Jon Stewart’s Takedown of the News Coverage of Malaysia Flight 370 Was ‘The Daily Show’ at Its Finest

The whole segment was perfect.

‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Mocks the Weirdest Political Ad Ever

Yesterday, Mitch McConnell’s Senate campaign released an ad devoid of any content.

The Federal Government Spends $178 Million on Penis Pumps

Last night, The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee unearthed one of the biggest wastes of spending by the Federal Government ever.

Louis C.K. Talked His Newly Released Movie on ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

(Autoplay alert.)  Louis C.K. is making the late-night rounds this week, and since we're a website that exists on the Internet we are obligated by the

How Is Justin Bieber Like Congress? Allow Jon Stewart to Explain

What do a petulant boy singer and the greatest legislative body the world has ever know have in common?

Watch Jon Stewart Destroy New York’s New Mayor for Eating Pizza with a Knife and Fork

Jon Stewart is passionate about pizza. Perhaps more passionate than he is about politics. Last November, he ranted at length against Chicago deep dish—called "lasagna" elsewhere in

Watch John Oliver’s Funny and Tearful Exit from the ‘Daily Show’

The man who ably helmed the Daily Show ship over the summer got his farewell last night—thankfully he's not leaving TV; just basic cable. Cheers

The Cast of ‘Anchorman 2′ Had the Most Awesomely Useless Interview on ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

Six minutes of complete and utter nonsense occurred The Daily Show last night when Will Ferrell decided to bring the entire Channel 4 News Team with

Jon Stewart Hilariously Ripped the Glorious Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford

At this point, you don't really need to make jokes about Toronto mayor Rob Ford. The newscasts do the job well enough. Yesterday, Ford wore

Jon Stewart’s Rant on New York Pizza vs. Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza Was Perfect

Well, it was perfect for New Yorkers; people from Chicago will certainly hate it, because Stew takes a long, drawn-out shit on their beloved deep-dish pizza.

‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Takes on the Miami Dolphins Bullying Fiasco

As with most sports "news" stories that don't actually take place on the field, you're probably really, really tired of the Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin fiasco.

Watch ‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Make the Case That Jay Z Should Sell Out

After the luxury department store Barney's was recently caught racially profiling several African-American shoppers, Jay Z was put in a tight spot. On the one hand, he

Nick Offerman and Jon Stewart Hilariously Talk Woodworking and Auditioning Before They Were Famous

Offerman, Stewart, manly topics like woodworking and Budwiser commercials. It's a can't miss interview. 

Watch a North Carolina GOP Leader Commit an All-Time Meltdown on ‘The Daily Show’

Last night, the Daily Show examined new voting laws in North Carolina (and elsewhere in the South), which some have called restrictive, while others, like

‘The Daily Show’ Tackles Hot-Button Topic of Girls Wearing Sexy Halloween Costumes

"The sexier the Halloween costume, the better, is what I say." -Every straight man I'd ever want to be associated with. 

Jon Stewart Tore Fox News Morons a New One Over the Government Shutdown, Exclaims ‘F*** You’

Jon Stewart was ticked on Monday right before the government shutdown. On Tuesday night, after it was official, he decided it was time to put a

‘This Is Utter Insanity’: Jon Stewart Blasts Lawmakers For Government Shutdown

Regardless of your politics, the United States government shutting down for the first time in 17 years is a pretty big deal: 700,000-some people aren't

As Expected, Stephen Colbert Took the Time to Gloat Magnificently About His Emmy Win Last Night

I knew this was coming. We ALL knew this was coming. And I can't tell you how happy I was when Stephen Colbert and the Colbert Report won

Watch Jon Stewart’s Hilarious Return to ‘The Daily Show’

After a long, long Jon Stewart hiatus—during which John Oliver more than handled himself (in fact, he was terrific)—Stewart returned to the Daily Show in

‘Daily Show’ Corespondents Hilariously Rip John Oliver on His Last Show Sitting in for Jon Stewart

Going to miss Oliver. Hopefully someone running that station throws him the time-slot after Colbert. Because full disclosure: I like John Oliver's version of the

Louis C.K. Was His Hilarious Self on ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

Louis C.K.'s humor is like his wardrobe: consistent. Last night, America's #1 comedian was on The Daily Show to plug his new movie Blue Jasmine,

What The Florida: Is Florida the Worst State in the Country?

In the light of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin verdict, John Oliver was on fire last night during last night's episode of The Daily Show. In fact,

Questlove Offered Some Profound Insight on Hip-Hop and Music in General on ‘The Daily Show’

When it comes to profound discussions about music, Questlove is one of the best conversationalists in the game. I found this out for myself last

John Oliver Absolutely Destroyed Paula Deen’s Racism on ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

Paula Deen eats lots and lots of BUUDDER. And John Oliver reminds us of that while he rips her to shreds for using the N-word

John Oliver Took Over the ‘Daily Show’ and People Are Pissed

Jon Stewart is taking a leave of absence from the Daily Show until September. Longtime correspondent John Oliver is attempting to fill the funnyman’s large

Bill O’Reilly Was on ‘The Daily Show’ and Magic Happened

Any time Jon Stewart and Fox News' Bill O'Reilly are in the same room, sparks fly. The discussion is an entertaining take on current affairs. 

‘The Daily Show’ Ran a Hilarious Segment Trying to Convince Kids Not to Go to College

"College isn't for everyone." Lately, that phrase has come back into light as tuition costs and the job market have gone in opposite, shitty directions.

Christina Hendricks Was on ‘The Daily Show’ To Discuss a ‘70s ‘Mad Men’ Spinoff

Last night Christina Hendricks swung by the Daily Show to talk about what it's like to be the Queen Bee of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Jon Stewart,