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Snapchat CEO’s Hot Rumored Girlfriend Sings a Song About ‘The Bachelor’

For all you Juan Pablo fans going through withdraw today in the wake of last night's finale, we present this song by rejected The Bachelor

The Bachelor: Game of Thrones Edition

Ever wonder what The Bachelor would be like if it played out in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros? Our friends […]

10 Reasons Every Bro Should Watch ‘The Bachelor’

We know, we know, we know, “The Bachelor is soooo lame, bro. It’s like a chick show, my mom watches it, and it’s all so fake.

Tim Tebow Was Actually Asked to be ‘The Bachelor’

Tim Tebow was actually asked to be the “The Bachelor.” The show’s host, Chris Harrison, told "Access Hollywood" yesterday that he approached the Denver Broncos