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5 Things That Will Inevitably Happen In the Postgrad Dating World

Things are about to change, Bro.

5 Reasons Why Your College Relationship Won’t Last

Face it. You've got no chance.

The Female Wolf Pack: Who’s In It and How to Approach Each One

Ravenous. The whole lot of 'em.

The 5 Stages We All Go Through Before Drunkenly Vomiting

Cathartic, sloppy, and often unexpected, yes, puke is one of life’s fun surprises.

Is Farting in the Workplace Acceptable? — The Results of This Survey Might Surprise You

In the real world people pretend to act like adults. They wear drab clothes, eat salad, and schedule their sex lives.

The 4 Worst People to Play Drinking Games With

I’ll always enjoy that intoxicating sound, that hollow, muffled, plastic-on-plastic noise, that’s promptly followed by cheers and high fives.

How Cheating Will Ruin Your Life

Cheating begins with a lie that you tell yourself. Everyone else is doing it! It’s not that bad! Nobody will know!

The Fine Art of Bullshitting Your Way Through Any Paper

It’s a sinking feeling, but I’m not on a roller coaster, stuck on a shipwreck, or battling vertigo.

Why Weed Is So Important to College

A wonderful little dried flower can help you make friends, listen to better music and get laid.

What the Hell Should I Do With My Futon and Mini-Fridge After College?

The sobering reality sets in even though I’m still a little buzzed. “Today is the day,” I think, somberly comprehending my inescapable fate.

The 5 Girls You See in a College Cafeteria

The college cafeteria. We've all been there. We've all spent countless hours eating and watching others eat in there. Here are the five girls you'll

Why Bros Need to Start Icing Bros Again

A few summers ago a bored genius frat bro invented icing. It's time for a comeback!

9 Friends You’ll Stop Seeing After College

College is a time where your social circle expands faster than a sophomore’s waistline during midterms.

How to Justify Spending Your Time Drinking Instead of Studying For Midterms

Drinking > Studying

The Agony of Waiting in a Long Line to Take a Piss in a Crowded Bar

After several hours of boozing, I really needed to pee, and it got to the desperation point.

4 Stages of the Weird, Oddly-Giddy Morning Party

1-Waking Up: Confused, you open your eyes and survey whatever nest of blankets and coats you roosted in last night. Akin to a PTSD-riddled veteran,

The Three Risks of Arriving Early to a Party

Anxiety pulsates through your body—some cave to a sweet tooth, others concede to a ranch tooth, and right now you and your alcohol tooth just

3 Reasons Why Spring Semester Welcome Week is Just as Awesome as the Fall

New Year’s is over. You’ve already broken your resolution to eat less, exercise more, or be nice to people. Life on break has become a

8 Things to Do During Finals Week That Are Much Better Than Studying

If you're truly a beacon of productivity, you'll spend this time focusing on real accomplishments. 

Holiday Break Challenge: Bringing Home a Chick You Went to High School With

Here’s the scenario: you’re back in town from college, or from wherever you’ve been working, and you’re out with old friends grabbing some drinks to

4 Extreme Personalities You May Encounter During Finals Week

It’s that time of the year again, finals week is almost upon us (try to contain your excitement)! Sleepless nights, poor personal hygiene, Adderall induced

9 Urban Dictionary Words Every College Student Should Know

Crucial information. Trying to live without rendezbooze in your vocabulary is not really living at all, now is it? 

The 7 Weird Sleep Cycles Guys Will Maintain in College

No Sleep, in addition to being a song your roommate exhaustingly overplayed during your junior year of college, is something that

5 Ways High School Sports Inadvertently Prepared Us For the Working World

They always say high school sports is all about the life lessons. They were sort of right. 

Five Great Television Scenes That Speak Volumes About the Human Condition

The past fifteen years has arguably been the greatest stretch in the history of television. While you've probably heard that statement

5 Friendship Violations You’ll Be Put in the Doghouse For, and How to Resolve Them

The thing about being friends with someone, particularly over a long period of time, is that you also have to be

Memorable Shots: 4 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Otherwise Stale Pregaming Experience

Pregames are a lot like life before age 30--though we all know pretty much where things are heading, not enough time

5 Ominous Signs You’re on the Verge of Selling Out

"Selling out" has a very interesting connotation in today's Drake lyric-filled world. On one hand, the term seems to represent compromising

10 Things Millennials Are Incredibly Good at Lying About

Oftentimes, the demands of life require people to be good at stuff. But not everyone is good at stuff, so some people have to lie

The College Finals Schedule for Every Bro

It's the stetch run. And although you'll try to your hardest to #makeitcount these next few days, they'll probably go something like this:

5 Growing and Somewhat Unfortunate Trends That Defined the 2012-2013 Collegiate Year

Time occured. And you, the college Brohemoth, took that time and did a bunch of things that would sound more impressive if you deemed them

The 10 People You Are Forced to Work with in Every Group Project

The "group" project stereotype usually goes like this--one person does all the work, the others do nothing, the others only do nothing cause the one

5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Getting a Job After College

It’s a cold world out there. Unless you’re from Florida, in which case it’s a cold world in there. (The passion for air conditioning in

The Final Four of Drunk Food

Yes THE FINAL FOUR, but most people have stopped giving a shit--our brackets are shot, our Dunk Cities have gone the way of the Baltimore

9 Sweet Ways to Totally #Crush That I-Banking Internship

For reasons known to most everyone, Investment Banking and related professions have become the de-facto thing to do if you’re smart, driven, and generally well-adjusted

9 Great Lifehacks for a Productive Morning After a Night of Heavy Drinking

My roommate and I recently came to the conclusion that drinking a lot of alcohol, from the first vestige of pregame to the final stage

The 8 Types of Hipsters That Have Invaded Your College Campus

Certain campuses are bigger hotspots than others, but given the hipster love affair with the concept of osmosis (populate places not currently populated), it's a

Game of Thrones University: What the Characters’ College Lives Would’ve Looked Like

Westeros Class of 2013. 

The 10 Most Compelling Subplots on Your Facebook Newsfeed

The majority of us have been on Facebook for over half a decade now.

10 Things You Actually Learn in College

What that small fortune in tuition is truly paying for. #Lifelessons cost some coin, I guess.