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The 10 Types of Stoners

Great video from back in the day that seems rather appropriate today, given that it's 4/20 and all... We all know stoners like this...

This Is What Marijuana Prices Look Like When It’s Legalized

Pretty solid infographic breaking down the numbers of what marijuana prices are like when it’s legalized and taxed. Here’s to governments […]

Fuck Grouchy Old White Men Who Say Stupid Things About the Legalization of Marijuana

Last night, after watching/blogging the most exciting Sugar Bowl I can remember, I clicked over to the New York Times to read an op-ed column exploding on

Iraq War Veteran with PTSD Is the First Person to Buy Legal Marijuana in Colorado

Today -- January 1st, 2014 -- marks the very first day Colorado's marijuana dispensaries are allowed to sell to recreational marijuana users. According to The Verge, first customer to

Watch a Short Documentary About ‘The Willy Wonka of Weed’

World, meet Colorado-based pot entrepreneur, Tripp Keber. Since it's been legalized in the state, he's become known as "The Willy Wonka of Weed," creating marijuana-infused candy,

Snoop Dogg Posted a Picture of a Pound of Weed on Instagram After Winning a Bet

The bet was over the Mayweather vs. Alvarez fight. Now how many hours of GTA 5 will he play? 

Lil Dicky Finally Made a Rap Video About Smoking Weed and Getting High

It's about damn time Lil Dicky channeled his inner Cypress Hill. We were about two honey dutchies and three bong rips away from... I forget the

5 Reasons Legalized Marijuana Might Be Bad for Pot Smokers

Legalize it, except we'll all probably criticize it. 

The 10 Steps To Recovering From a Weed Hangover

There is absolutely no worse feeling in the world than waking up with that horrible cotton mouth, a pounding headache and a $30 Chinese delivery

People Are Saying Ohio State’s New Hockey Uniforms Have Marijuana Leaves; They Are Idiots

On Wednesday Ohio State unveiled their new alternate sweater hockey sweaters. Cool! The reaction, however, from the Internet was pretty stupid, with people claiming the signature

Watch ‘The King of Cannabis,’ a Crazy Documentary About Marijuana Growing Operations in Colombia

Dutch businessman and noted Cannibis activist Arjan Roskam isn't a household name quite yet, but he might be soon. Roskam is the grower behind strains

Rate This Pro-Marijuana Commercial NASCAR Fans Will Watch at the Brickyard 400

Hey, NASCAR fans—do you like beer but hate getting hangovers? Then MPP has the product for you!

Watch a Documentary About the Marijuana Moms of Beverley Hills

NEWSFLASH: Moms in the tony enclaves of Beverly Hills are smoking up! At least that's the subject of a new documentary that recently hit YouTube.

‘Most Of What You Hear About Pot Is Bullsh*t’

These are words at Columbia University professor said. Wanna know why? Read the story...  

Bill Maher’s Epic Rant About Legalizing Marijuana Is Freakin’ Brilliant

Confession: I'm a huge Bill Maher fan. So if you don't like Maher and his opinions, you'll probably have a problem with this post. Back in

Stoner Bro Seth Rogen Teaches Us How to Roll a Cross Joint

Hey look! Just like Pineapple Express! Via his Facebook page: "rolling a crossjoint isn't so hard guys. what is hard is posting this after smoking one.

How Much Will a Legal Marijuana Habit Cost You?

More than $500, yo. 

5 Ways Marijuana Has Changed Since You Were in High School

Smokin' up ain't like it used to be. 

People Are Up in Smoke Over This Bong Shop’s New Mascot

Come on down to Bong Warehouse, home of "Bongy" the mascot! 

This Guy Is PISSED About Cops Not Arresting People for Smoking Marijuana at a 4/20 Rally

Spotted at a 4/20 rally in what looks like the Independence Hall mall in Philadelphia: An old(er) guy who's PISSED about the cops "not doing

Stoners Punch Each Other In the Face During Tremendous 4/20 Fight on San Francisco’s Hippy Hill

Something about this fight in San Francisco reminds me of Hunter S. Thompson's not-so-subtly mockery of the sceney '60s hippy movement in Fear and Loathing in

The 20 Awesomest Stoner GIFs

20 hypnotic GIFs to melt your mind. Far freakin' out, brah. 

2 Chainz Smoked a Massive Joint on 4/20

Damn, that's quit a fatty. You need to see it to believe it. 

420: How ‘Weed Day’ Got Its Name

What's the story behind the holiday, anyway? 

7 Animal Species That Get High More Than We Do

You have no idea how baked some animals get. Plus, did you know reindeer trip balls? 

Marijuanamerica: Deep Conversations with a Weed Dealer

Editor's Note: The following is book excerpt from Alfred Ryan Nertz's Marijuanamerica: One Man's Quest to Understand America's Dysfunctional Love Affair with Weed. Alfred Ryan Nerz is

How To Smoke Pot For The First Time: A Guide

Before you do anything, turn on your TV and change the channel to the Cartoon Network. This will make sense after Step 5... 

High Times Holds ‘Cannabis Cup’ In U.S. For First Time On 4/20

God Bless America and our swiftly changing state marijuana laws. 

A Funny Video About Bros Having a Marijuana Intervention

Why would a Bro EVER make the horrible decision to not smoke pot? That's the question High Times asks in their latest YouTube gem. "We

Want to See What 3.9 Tons Of Marijuana Looks Like?

How much weed is 3.9 tons? $3.4 million-worth. That's a lot of bud, man: 

‘Pass The Pipe, Mom’: Parents Are Smoking Marijuana Now, Probably Because They Have to Deal with Us

If you’re not looking to read another piece by a 20 something on a MacBook about why we should just fucking legalize it, man, feel

You Guys: Marijuana Vending Machines Coming Soon to California

You guys, this is a GAMECHANGER. Card-holding Cali Bros get first dibs. The first one opened last year, but now it's going state-wide.

Flesh-N-Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Is Selling a Kush Strain

Guess where he's selling it, too? Flint, Michigan.  

Alison Brie and Nick Offerman Sing a Song About Smoking Weed

To promote their upcoming stoner indie flick, "Somebody Up There Likes Me," Alison Brie and Nick Offerman filmed a delightful little video about smoking weed. Oh,

CU-Boulder Is Shutting Down Campus on 4/20 Again

Although recreational marijuana use has been legalized in Colorado, the University of Colorado Boulder announced today that it would be shutting down the campus again

Top 10 Annoying Things Non-Stoners Say About Smoking Pot

We all knows these people...

I Survived the University of Alabama Drug Raids of 2013

What the f*ck just happened? Before most students even got up to wake-and-bake before last Tuesday's class, a large chunk of our herbal street pharmacists were

The 13 Best College Stoner Rappers

Some rappers stay blunted, and suck because of it. Others stay blunted and make some of the best tunes you’ll hear. This is a compilation

Now Hiring: Marijuana Connoisseur for State Work

Are you a greeb thumb who knows a lot about marijuana? Washington State wants to hire you.

Found In a Textbook: ‘Those with Higher GPAs Are More Likely to Be Marijuana Smokers,’ Plus The Fix

Inspired by yesterday's "found in a textbook" moment. You guys, science says it's cool.