This Man Working The Drive-Thru At McDonalds On Thanksgiving Is So Enthusiastic I Suddenly Want McNuggets


If you've ever thought that it's impossible to make the best out of a crappy situation, I want you to watch this video of a man working the McDonald's drive-thru right now.

fast food

6 Fast-Food Breakfasts That Should Exist


Completely relaxed, I settle into the couch, unwilling to walk the fifteen feet to the bed or clean up the Funyun pile perched on my stomach.

kate upton

How To Eat Kate Upton For Thanksgiving


Want to have a tasty dish that looks like Kate Upton in a bikini as a part of your Thanksgiving feast.

family photos

Are Your Family Photos More Awkward Than The Ones In This Video?


Sometimes people come up with great ideas for family portraits, and somtimes people come up with awful ideas for family portraits that end up getting immortalized via the Internet.


Nothing Says Thanksgiving Like Dumbasses Blowing Shit Up With Their Deep Fryers


Seriously, it isn't truly Thanksgiving until at least one idiot in your neighborhood has set fire to himself, his house or a family member trying to deep fry his bird for the annual feast.

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