Wanna Piss Off Your Parents? This Winner Craigslist Guy Is Willing To Be Your Creepy Felon Thanksgiving Dinner Date


“Piss off” might be an understatement, because if you roll up to the turkey table with this dude in tow: your parents will probably just disown you on the spot.

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22 Things To Look Forward To During Thanksgiving Break


Believe it or not the holiday season has crept up on us and is only weeks away.


This Turkey Is The Thanksgiving Übermensch—Can Sit On Command Like A Dog


This is not your every day run of the mill turkey, this turkey is is übermensch of Thanksgiving, it has evolved into a greater being than other turkeys.

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Miley Cyrus Puts A Period On The Kim Kardashian Butt Memes With This Artistic Gem


Leave it to Miley Cyrus, the Salvador Dali of the Instagram generation, to put the finishing touches on the Kim Kardashian Butt Meme craze with this photo.


18 Thanksgiving(ish) Songs In 60-Seconds Is The Best Thing To Ever Happen To Holiday Music


Thanksgiving's just around the bend, and believe it or not but we're only 50 days away from Christmas Eve (at the time of publishing).

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Ranking the drinking holidays from worst to first


With Memorial Day fast approaching, we thought it would be a good time to take a moment to appreciate and reflect upon the true meaning of the holidays – getting embarrassingly, pants-wetting drunk.

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How to make Tater Tots with leftover mashed potatoes


  Leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving, and nothing tops turning those cold potatoes into delicious homemade Mashed Potater Tots.


7 people that will ruin your Thanksgiving dinner

By | 6 Comments

If you're planning on hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, look out.

things we love about sports

15 things in sports we are thankful for


The holiday season is here and in that spirit it's time for us as fans to take a timeout and show some appreciation for the gifts that sports continues to throw our way.

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