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4 Terrible Questions You’ll Be Asked This Thanksgiving, and How to Answer Them

Thanksgiving is the best holiday. It includes the best bar night of the year, stupid amounts of food and football, and a lack of responsibility.

The Official Thanksgiving Drinking Game (To Help You Cope With Your Crazy Family)

You technically started this bender Wednesday night, perhaps even waking up next to a paunchier, decaying version of a former high-school hookup this morning, but now

Which Thanksgiving Foods Suck and Which Foods Rule? BroBible Investigates

Turkey Day is Thursday. We decided to do a special Great Questions to help you figure out which foods to enjoy and which ones to

7 Things To Do While Home for Thanksgiving Break

Of course most of you will disagree with me because this is, well, the Internet, but Thanksgiving is exponentially better than Christmas. As you grow

You’re Never Going to Get Home for Thanksgiving

Last night, I had a two-and-a-half hour delay in a LaGuardia gate with NO BAR and food options that were limited to Auntie Anne's pretzels

20-Something Problems: How Old Is Too Old for Going Out on Thanksgiving Eve?

Thanksgiving Eve is finally here. You just have to get through a couple hours of work and then it’s time to get wastey wastey for… the

5 Most Memorable Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Letdowns

In honor of nostalgia, let’s pretend your television only gets three channels in color, that there is only one nationally televised NFL matchup on per

‘Thanksgivukkah’ and 5 Other Holiday Mash-Ups We Want to See

This month marks Thanksgivukkah, the first time in thousands of years that the Jews and Anybody Who Isn’t A Native American’s favorite holidays fall on

‘Hipster Thanksgiving’ Is Just as Miserable As You Imagined

Pure brilliance from the Harvard Sailing Team, who reunited for Thanksgiving just to make fun of obnoxious, holyier-than-thou hipsters. 

7 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Mom About College During Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is upon us and if you’re in college that means you’re back home for this joyous little break. Perhaps this is the time you

Turkey Bowl Tales: The 10 People Who Play in Your Annual Thanksgiving Football Game

Ah, the Turkey Bowl. A timeless tradition that will make everyone forget that you purposefully avoided all your old high school buddies the last time

Thanksgiving Is a Naughty, Kinky Holiday, Plus

Damn Thanksgiving, you nasty. 

15 Funny, Snarky Some E-Cards About Thanksgiving, Plus Today’s Fix (35 Pics)

Happy Thanksgiving from BroBible! More funny Thanksgiving e-cards over at Some E-Cards.

The 7 People You Shouldn’t Play Flag Football With on Thanksgiving

There are two traditions on Thanksgiving. One is to get brutally drunk on Wednesday night. The other is to play flag football with your old

The 7 Rules For the Wednesday Night Before Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving. It’s the worst named holiday because it implies that you’re going to spend the day being thankful and giving, but Thanksgiving is

Here’s What a ‘Breaking Bad’ Thanksgiving Dinner Would Look Like

I didn’t have high hopes for this, but it was pretty spot-on. The fella playing Jesse Pinkman has his voice down pat.

Larry David’s Thanksgiving Special

Maybe it's just me, but it feels like it's been forever since there's been a new season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Here's to hoping there's

The ‘Epic Meal Time’ Guys Take on a Massive Thanksgiving Feast

In a special, almost heart-warming episode of "Epic Meal Time," the guys make a Thanksgiving feast that you probably shouldn't watch on either an empty

Now Presenting ‘Turkey Tits,’ Breast Implants for Turkeys

What's Thanksgiving without a ruthless display of good old-fashioned family values?

Everyone Stop! Here’s the Next Rebecca Black

Featuring Patrice Wilson (who rapped in "Friday") and lyrics that helpfully tell us that the 4th of July comes after Easter, Nicole Westbrook's "Thanksgiving" will

Which Holidays Are Cool, and Which Holidays Suck? A Rankings Guide

Telling it like it is, one debabtably useful celebration at a time. 

One-Handed Beer Football On Thanksgiving Day Looks Like a Grand Old Time

Ah, the annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl. A rite of passage for some. A reason to get inebriated for others. A group of

Jersey Sports Fan Enjoys Thanksgiving Break

The Jersey Sports Fan had himself quite the nice little Thanksgiving break. Not only did the Jets pull out a victory, the Rangers

Takeru Kobayashi Sets a World Record By Stuffing His Face with 7.5 Pounds of Turkey In 10 Minutes

Once again, Kobayashi prove that he can do what isn't humanly possible by crushing 7.5 pounds of turkey in 10 minutes, shattering the previous record

Here Are All the Games You Need to Watch on TV This Thanksgiving Weekend

It’s a safe bet that Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best meals a Bro will have all year, especially the ones home from college

Thanksgiving Buzz, Presented By Lucy Pinder Stuffing a Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving from the whole BroBible crew! A few Turkey Day must-reads from our friends after the jump.

Epic Meal Time Cooks This Year’s Thanksgiving Feast

We haven't posted Epic Meal TIme in months but you just knew they had to have something big planned. I won't give it

Dom Mazzetti vs. Thanksgiving

Next time Dom tackles Hanukkah, or so we hope.

43,000 People Have Signed Petition to Keep Nickelback From Playing NFL Thanksgiving Halftime Show

F*CK YES! I know 43,000 isn't 43 million, but it's a start. Although I have a firm stance on no one ever being exposed to

Thanksgiving is for the Birds: 10 Shocking Turkey Mishaps

Editor's Note: This post is a re-issue from last November. Given the subject material, it seems appropriate for today.... The leaves have fallen, the fields

The 35 Hottest Celebrity Chefs and Cooking Show Hosts

There's nothing that stimulates a man's palate quite like a delicious meal prepared by a beautiful woman. No one knows this better than the top