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The Government’s New Anti-Texting and Driving PSAs Are Vicious

They get right to the heart of the matter.

A Bro’s Guide To Emojis

More like e-bro-ji. If you learn to use them right.

21 Brotips For Texting Girls

A Bro can never have enough advice when it comes to texting girls.

Bro Comes Up with a Great Way To Say ‘I’d Like to Sit On Your Face’ via Text Message

This is Broetry in its purest form. Dat ye old mic drop.

5 Ways an Ex Can Ruin Your Life With the Nude Photos You Texted Her

It's easy to avoid a shitstorm involving the nudes you sent an ex... just don't send 'em.

Bro Perfectly Prank Texts a Personal Trainer Advertising Her Services on Craigslist

Our Bros from Textastrophe are at it again, back to trolling people who leave their phone numbers in public places.

This Is How Every Bro Snapchats with Girls

You know you've been here: A chick sends you a hot selfie and it's like, "shit... it's my turn."

The ‘Five Stages of Text Grief’ Perfectly Sums up the Panic after Asking a Girl Out

This experience has happened to EVERY single one of us

Bros Trolls a Girl Who Really Wants to Have Sex With Him on Tinder

Over the weekend, a reader sent us this curious Tinder conversation he had with “some chick in Boston.” He writes, [...]

What If Your Hookup Texted Like Your Mom?

Hook-up: "Hey sweetie, I left some leftovers in the fridge!"


Is This The Best Break-Up Text of All Time?

So honest. How can it not be? 

Bro Awesomely Trolls a Man on Craigslist Who’s Selling a Chili’s Gift Card via Text Messages

It's been well-over a month since we've heard from our favorite text trolls, Textastrophe.  They're back with an awesome prank on a rando

How to Text a Girl

Texting is an artform.YouTube user sWooZie just dropped perhaps the best video guide for stepping up your texting game ever. All it takes is a great set-up

‘Merry Christmas Exclamation Point’ Is Jon Lajoie’s New Song About Ridiculous Holiday Texting

I hate when people I don't keep in touch with text me on the holidays (proof below). And I take comfort in knowing that Jon Lajoie seems

Here’s What Happens When You Text R. Kelly Lyrics To Your Significant Other

A couple months ago the Bros at Pigeons and Planes texted Drake lyrics to their exes. Now they're back texting (...or even sexting)

SendMeYourSexts.com Will Act Out Your Sexts and Then Send You the Sex Video

Genius. Just...GENIUS. 

For the paltry sum of $80, Send Me Your Sexts will take your raunchiest sexts, act them out in a video, produce that

15 Texts from Last Night (From Famous Superheroes)

Our Bros over at Cracked have a hilarous installment from the wonderful folks over at Texts from Superheroes. Check it out: 

How Texting Mind Games Will Ruin Your Life

This is the most accurate video ever made about texting mind games, which we all can agree are the WORST. 

6 Reasons Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Text

Parents text some WEIRD stuff... 

Bro Hilariously Trolls an Artist Trying to Sell an Ugly Painting

The funniest Tumblr on the Internet, Textastrophe, just keeps getting better and better with the text message pranks. A couple of weeks ago they blew

Learn Texting 101 With I’m Shmacked

These college kids, despite being drunk, have surprisingly good advice.


Why the New BBM Is Dumb as Shit

Why the fuck... would I want... a Blackberry app... to text people... ON MY IPHONE?? 

Bro Sends Awesome Text to Naggy Girlfriend Who Doesn’t Want Him to Participate In No-Shave-November

There's nothing more annoying than having a naggy girlfriend complain about your God-given right as a man to grow facial hair during No-Shave November. This Bro

Bro Prank Texts a Maid Service About Cleaning Up After an Epic Rager He Threw at His Parents House

The Bros at Textastrophe are up to their usual shenanigans again, this time prank-texting a maid service to clean up after an epic rager.

23 Funny Fratstar Text Conversations

"Hi, this is Sarah from last night. I'm interested in why I have you saved in my phone as 'The Pope.'"

Every Bro Needs to Know These Great Responses to Flirty Texts

Next time some lady texts you that she "wants to see you," hit her back with a text telling her she needs to check out

The FAA FINALLY Says You Can Keep Your Phone On During Takeoff and Landing

Good news for Bros who like to travel... The FAA just announced that passengers are allowed to use electronic devices during all phases of flight,

Ever Wonder What Girls Do When You Text Them ‘You Up?’ at 3 AM?

Don't lie: You've definitely texted a girl "You up?" at 2 AM after a night at the bar. Hell... Maybe you did it to your

The Unwritten Rules of Texting Will Cause You to Take Stock of Your Life

You kids and your texting. It’s gotten out of control. It’s high time for a self-audit. Are you committing any of these ever-so crucial texting

Awful Bride Sends Text During Ceremony

First off, No. Secondly, who the hell still has a Sidekick?

Ricky Gervais Asked Twitter to Ask Their Grandparents About The Most Important Thing They’ve Learned

Comedian Ricky Gervais is currently on a PR offensive for his new Netflix show "Derek." The show is about people who work with old folks

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Text Message Prank to a Personal Driver Ad

Textastrophe keeps getting better and better and better. If you didn't read their text message prank to a TGI Fridays manager, go do

What Happens When You Text Drake Lyrics to Your Ex?

This is such a great prank from our friends over at Pigeons and Planes. They thought it'd be funny to text Drake lyrics to their

The Girl with the Brutal Text Message Explains Herself, Comes Off Horribly

Remember Quin Woodward Pu? It's been a whole day since we were first exposed to the "26-year-old twice-published author with a penchant for vodka, designer shoes, and

The Girl Who Sent That Brutal Text Message Rejection Has an Interesting Backstory

Hey, remember that brutal text message rejection I posted about earlier today? Gawker unearthed some of the backstory and it's worth a follow-up. The

This Text Message Rejection From a Girl Is Brutal, Kind of Crazy

This text message has been the source of much Reddit deliberation, mostly because it seems to be from a girl who sent the

Bro Pranks People By Texting Fake ‘Breaking Bad’ Spoilers, Pisses A Lot of People Off

Turns out people don't like it when you spoil their favorite show with fake storylines... 

Expert Ways To Handle Wrong Number Texts

I love it when you get a text from someone who's al llike, "Yo, where the party at?" and then they realize it's a wrong

10 Surefire Ways To Tell You’re Drunk Right Now

Is the week?

Are you in college?

Then you're probably drunk right now... 

Six Major Texting Mistakes You’re Making with Girls

I still get an insane amount of questions about texing. They’re usually along the lines of “I need help talking” or “Why isn’t she replying