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‘Straight White Boys Texting’ Is Putting Douche Texts from Guys On Blast

The Internet loves, loves, lovesssss putting douchey guys who text creepy things to girls they don't know on blast.

How to Text Girls: A Guide for Bros

Good luck on getting those "U up?" texts, Bros:

College Girl Goes Zero-to-Crazy In 10 Text Messages with a Boy She Just Met

Good on this Bro. Bottom line: This girl has problems and needs some professional help. Let's hope she gets it before she hurts herself or

21 Brotips For Texting Girls

A Bro can never have enough advice when it comes to texting girls.

This Is How Every Bro Snapchats with Girls

You know you've been here: A chick sends you a hot selfie and it's like, "shit... it's my turn."