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How to Text a Girl

Texting is an artform.YouTube user sWooZie just dropped perhaps the best video guide for stepping up your texting game ever. All it takes is a great set-up

How Texting Mind Games Will Ruin Your Life

This is the most accurate video ever made about texting mind games, which we all can agree are the WORST. 

Every Bro Needs to Know These Great Responses to Flirty Texts

Next time some lady texts you that she "wants to see you," hit her back with a text telling her she needs to check out

The Girl with the Brutal Text Message Explains Herself, Comes Off Horribly

Remember Quin Woodward Pu? It's been a whole day since we were first exposed to the "26-year-old twice-published author with a penchant for vodka, designer shoes, and