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How Texting Mind Games Will Ruin Your Life

This is the most accurate video ever made about texting mind games, which we all can agree are the WORST. 

If You Won’t Pick Up the Phone and Call the Girl, At Least Know These Texting Do’s and Don’ts

The looming death of AIM, announced last year, signals not only the triumph of G-Chat, Facebook Messaging, Twitter, and text messaging over the '90s-era instant

‘Wicked Text Syndrome’ Shows What Happens When Your Friend Can’t Put Down His Phone

We all know one. At least one. 

Conan Explains Texting to Your Grandparents

Texting isn't exactly the easiest thing to explain to your grandparents. Think about it: They've lived most of their lives where the only way to

Breaking Down This Week’s 10 Most Baffling Text Messages on HeTexted.com

Time for our weekly breakdowns from HeTexted.com! This week's best of the texts includes baffling messages about Hurricane Sandy, trying to define what "commitment" means,

Breaking Down This Week’s 12 Most Baffling Text Messages on HeTexted.com

Over the last three weeks, I've had a good time rounding-up the various girl-meets-guy scenerios posed on HeTexted.com, the website where women go to groupsource interpretations

16 More Examples of Just How Crazy Things Have Gotten at HeTexted.com

Remember our PSA about HeTexted.com? Believe it or not, HeTexted.com has turned into a gift that keeps on giving. Over the past week, more amusing text

Text Thursdays: Why Texting ‘K’ To Someone Is EVIL, Plus 23 More Funny Text Messages

Welcome to Funny Text Thursday, a compiled gallery of weekly funny text messages full of LOL, SMH, WTF, and the occasional FAIL, presented in the

Textually Active: The Art of Text Messaging and How People Mess It Up

The most accurate video about text messaging you'll watch today, courtesy of YouTube's Swoozie. There's a certain place in hell for people who fire back