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I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Text Message Prank to a Personal Driver Ad

Textastrophe keeps getting better and better and better. If you didn't read their text message prank to a TGI Fridays manager, go do that here. 

The Hipster Paradox, Plus More 8 Funny Text Messages

I'm going to start this week's Text Thursday with a little real talk: You guys flat out SUCKED this past week at sending in your

More Trolling Text Messages, Because These Textastrophes Are Still F*cking Hilarious

I've been minorly obsessed with Textasrophe, my new favorite Tumblr one-trick pony, since I first posted about it last week. In case you forgot, Textasrophe

The 7 Most Frustrating Aspects of Modern-Day Text Messaging

It's no secret that text messaging is pretty cool, but it also kind of sucks. With smartphones having established clear protocols that weren't around back