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21 Brotips For Texting Girls

A Bro can never have enough advice when it comes to texting girls.

Here’s a Chilling Text Message Reeva Steenkamp Sent to Oscar Pistorius Just Days Before Her Death

We may never know what truly happened the night Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, but based on this text message she

Bro Comes Up with a Great Way To Say ‘I’d Like to Sit On Your Face’ via Text Message

This is Broetry in its purest form. Dat ye old mic drop.

Someone Obtained Texts From Justin Bieber to Selena Gomez, He Calls Her ‘A Talentless Pussy’

Anyone who reads this site knows that I rarely dip my toe into the Bieber News Pool, but this exchange of texts between that little shit ass and

Bro Awesomely Trolls a Man on Craigslist Who’s Selling a Chili’s Gift Card via Text Messages

It's been well-over a month since we've heard from our favorite text trolls, Textastrophe.  They're back with an awesome prank on a rando

How Texting Mind Games Will Ruin Your Life

This is the most accurate video ever made about texting mind games, which we all can agree are the WORST. 

Bro Hilariously Trolls an Artist Trying to Sell an Ugly Painting

The funniest Tumblr on the Internet, Textastrophe, just keeps getting better and better with the text message pranks. A couple of weeks ago they blew

Bro Prank Texts a Maid Service About Cleaning Up After an Epic Rager He Threw at His Parents House

The Bros at Textastrophe are up to their usual shenanigans again, this time prank-texting a maid service to clean up after an epic rager.

The Girl Who Sent That Brutal Text Message Rejection Wrote a Post About Being Hated On the Internet

As we say in the blog industry, this is a "good get" from our office Bros at Guyism... The girl who sent that batshit

What Happens When You Text Drake Lyrics to Your Ex?

This is such a great prank from our friends over at Pigeons and Planes. They thought it'd be funny to text Drake lyrics to their

This Text Message Rejection From a Girl Is Brutal, Kind of Crazy

This text message has been the source of much Reddit deliberation, mostly because it seems to be from a girl who sent the

I Can’t Stop Laughing at This Text Message Prank to a TGI Friday’s Manager

Looks guys, I know we've posted about Textastrophe before (see: here, here, here, and here),

Excuses for Missing Texts That Would Actually Be Legit

Everyone hates text message excuses. These ones actually kind of work... 

Textastrophe Is Still the Funniest Damn Thing on the Internet

It's been a couple months since we've caught up with our favorite novelty prank Tumblr, Textastrophe. If you're unaware, Textasrophe is

10 Classic Movie Endings Changed by Text Messages

Texting would have really ruined these movies... 

How to Translate a Text to Know If You’re In the Friend Zone

Dating is difficult, but it gets even harder when you develop feelings for someone close to you. You try to read signs or pick up

Sweet Mother Of…. ‘Mass Text’ Is the Most Batsh*t Music Video Ever Created



“Mass Text” by Tay Allyn is in the tradition of shitty, whimsical YouTube videos started by Rebecca Black's "Friday." It also wins

8 Simple Rules To Text Messaging

America, with your birthday coming up, it’s time we had a heart-to-heart. I feel like we haven’t talked in a while, probably because

Bro Pranks a Wrong Number Text and It’s EPIC, Plus More Funny Text Messages

Have a funny text message for next week's Text Thursday? Send it to us here. This week we're leading off with an epic

Odin Lloyd’s Chilling Texts the Night He Was Murdered Do Not Bode Well for Aaron Hernandez

Things are not looking good for Aaron Hernandez and Odin Lloyd's last few texts he sent to his sister on the night of his execution-style

Frat Bro Pranks a Wrong Number Text, Things Get Awkward

A tipster sent us this e-mail: 

A little over a week ago i received a text from this poor girl asking me for a job. Unfortunately

Bro Sends Epic Text Prank About a Car Grill, Plus More Funny Text Messages

This week for Text Thursday, I'm going to open with two prank text-thread update from the wildly popular, super hilarious Tumblr site, Textastrophe.com.

The 30 Most Common Apology Text Messages Girls Send in College

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were having a marathon of text messages about missing college life, i.e. the days we spent stumbling

Nathan Fielder’s Latest Twitter Prank: Text ‘I Haven’t Been Fully Honest with You’ Then Wait an Hour

This prank is going to GET UGLY, possibly even ruin some relationships. 

It began via Nathan Fielder, the guy behind the epic drug

Bro Named ‘Tank’ Texts a Bro a Wrong Number Thinking It’s a Girl, Doesn’t Know Who Amanda Bynes Is

Wonderful text saga sent here from a loyal BroBible reader. Here's the story: "Some girl gave this guy the

The Hipster Paradox, Plus More 8 Funny Text Messages

I'm going to start this week's Text Thursday with a little real talk: You guys flat out SUCKED this past week at sending in your

‘Assuming You Are a Fellow Bro Who Pulled a Number Off a Lady,’ Plus More Funny Text Messages

Bros. BROS... BROS!!!! Can I get your attention here for a second? This is actually an absolutely brilliant tip for avoiding a wrong number situation.

More Trolling Text Messages, Because These Textastrophes Are Still F*cking Hilarious

I've been minorly obsessed with Textasrophe, my new favorite Tumblr one-trick pony, since I first posted about it last week. In case

Texts From Dad to His Bro Son In College, Plus More Funny Text Messages

"Drake" is never, ever an acceptable excuse to spend your parents money. In fact, "Drake" is never ever an acceptable excuse for anything. 

If You Post a Phone Number to a Public Place, Count on Getting Trolled By Textasrophe

Textastrophe's tag line explains the Tumblr in a nutshell: "Next time you post your phone number in a public place, think again. This

Perfect Week for Stoner Texts, Plus 13 More Funny Text Messages

Have a hilarious text message for next week's Text Thursday? Send it to us right here

Text Thursdays: Bro Trolls a Wrong Number Who Just Doesn’t Quit, Plus More Funny Text Messages

Welcome to another super fantastic edition of Text Thursdays. Today we'll start out with a Bro who decided to have some fun with a wrong

Cool Fart Story, Bro, Tell It Again! Plus 18 More Funny Text Messages

The best part about this story, in my personal opinion, is that this Bro was texting his buddy to let him know that Wal-Mart has

Text Thursdays: Introducing ‘The Phone Moan,’ Plus 13 More Funny Text Messages

Hey, hey, it's the best day of the week: Text Thursday. To start today, we'd like to bring your attention to a new

Text Thursdays: Sounds Like a Sticky Situation, Plus 15 More Funny Text Messages

Hello! Welcome to another edition of Text Thursdays, presenting the funniest text message screencaps of the week. Let's start this week with an anecdote about a sticky

Hey Wrong Number, No Need to Be So Agressive, Plus 13 More Funny Text Messages

It's the best day of the week, Text Thursday! 

Bro Dad Has a Question for Son After a Business Trip in Amsterdam, Plus 13 More Funny Text Messages

Uh-oh! Just got back from Amsterdam, eh? Someone's "friend" is worried about a drug test! Your secret is safe with us, Dad. 

Text Thursdays: It Was Just That Memorable, Plus 12 More Funny Text Messages

Welcome to another edition of Text Thursdays. Bros, it's time to up your game. We need your funny text messages for next week's edition BAD.

Text Thursdays: A Drunk Text Message Masterpiece, Plus 10 More Funny Text Messages

Text Thursdays! Let's start with a drunk text message masterpiece. Not enough room for it here, so you'll have to click to the next slide. 

Text Thursday: ‘Hey, How’s Your Ass?’ Plus 20 More Funny Text Messages

After New Year's break, Text Thursdays is BACK!