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This Week’s 14 Best Text Message Soap Operas From HeTexted.com

So much trolling going on at HeTexted.com these days. Man, what's wrong with grilled cheese? Grilled cheese is freakin' awesome. Let the man enjoy his grilled

Text Thursdays: Not Really a Text You Want to Send to Your Mom, Plus 17 More Funny Text Messages

Best part of the week: Text Thursdays, our weekly round-up of funny text message threads full of FAIL, LOL, and WTF?! Today we start with

Text Thursdays: ‘Sleep Good’ Vs. ‘Sleep Well’, Plus 12 More Funny Texts

Welcome to Funny Text Thursday, a compiled gallery of weekly funny text messages full of LOL, SMH, WTF, and the occasional FAIL, presented in the

‘My Dad is a Bro,’ Text Message Edition