This Is What It Looks Like When You Hit A Turkey With Your Car Going 95mph (Dash Cam Video)

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Newsflash: If you hit a turkey with your car while driving 95-miles-per-hour both the bird and your car are going to end up wrecked.

college rankings

Do You Go To One Of The 20 ‘Most Conservative Colleges’ In The United States?

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Anyone else remember when The Princeton Review only ranked academics.

penis taser

Watch This Cop Taser This Naked Lunatic On The Dick For Your Daily Dose Of Happiness


There are a few things on my To Do list today and 'Getting Tasered On The Dick' didn't quite cut it.

cameron ridley

I Can’t Stop Watching The Texas Bench Go Berserk After Cameron Ridley’s Dunk


  Cameron Ridley flushed an alley-oop in Texas' win over Kansas State yesterday.

texas baylor fight

Fight Breaks Out in Baylor-Texas Game, 7 Players Ejected


Tensions between Baylor and Texas boiled over late in overtime when Isiah Taylor and Royce O'Neale got all tangled up while battling for a loose ball.


Restaurant Allegedly Kicks Out Gays, Community Takes Hilarious Revenge By Advertising Restaurant As A New Gay Bar


Big Earl's Bait House and Country Store, via Yelp It’s nice to think that in this day and age people have generally become more accepting of others and their sexual dispositions, however unfortunate cases like this are a constant reminder that not everyone has necessarily caught up with the times.


CEO With Huge Balls Sits In Mercedes-Benz With Bulletproof Windshield As His Employee Fires An AK-47 At His Face


YouTube There's standing behind your product and then there is what the CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation was willing to do, which is sit behind his product as his employee sprayed gun fire directly at his person.


Someone Should Tell These Bros That A Starbucks In Austin Is No Place To Hold An Exorcism


I have so many questions here I don't even know where to begin.


I’m Not Certain, But I Think This Moron From Texas Hates Comrade Obama

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Your car is not an acceptable place to vent your political leanings (or racism), and if you use it to send any sort of a message, well, you might be a redneck.

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