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I LOVE COLLEGE: Texas Tech Students Document All Four Years Of Their College Partying In Epic GoPro Video

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We post A LOT of wonderful college videos around here, but usually they're just a video post card of a fraternity party or something like that.

snow penis

Texas Tech Students Erect 8-Foot Snow Penis Before It Gets Smashed By Backhoe


Snow blanketed the Texas Tech campus after a winter storm hit Lubbock this week.

haha you are dumb

College Students At Texas Tech Don’t Know Who Won The Civil War Or Who The Vice President Is


Texas Tech's student political organization PoliTech went around campus with a camera to see how much our students know about basic, elementary school-level American history.

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Texas Tech Fraternity Loses Charter Over Gross ‘No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal’ Party Sign


Remember Texas Tech's Phi Delta Theta fraternity, which stupidly had a "No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal" sign at a party in September, along with a vagina-shaped sprinkler.

college football

Stunned Oklahoma State Girl Is So Stunned


Oklahoma State got the best of Texas Tech last night in a defense-optional game, but not before a few scares.

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Phi Delt At Texas Tech Had A ‘No Means Yes, Yes Means Anal’ Banner And A Vagina Sprinkler At A Party

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If you somehow made it through four years of college without being sprayed in the face by a giant cardboard vagina at a hurricane party, you were doing something wrong.

tailgate fight

Parking Lot Brawl Between UTEP, Texas Tech Fans Has Everything You’d Want In A Fight


This altercation involving at least a hundred fans before the UTEP vs.

Texas Tech

People Are Pissed at This Hot Texas Tech Cheerleader, Because LOOK AT ALL THE AFRICAN ANIMALS SHE’S KILLED


"My, what a lovely room of death" -Ace Venutra in Kendall Jones' dorm room, probably.

Texas Tech

The 21 Coolest College Football Uniforms of 2013 (So Far)


Years ago, NCAA football uniforms were used as a way of distinguishing between players and teams.


Texas Tech’s New ‘Lone Survivor’ Uniforms Are Fap-Worthy


These uniforms, made by Under Armour, are not only hot greasy sex, but they support the Lone Survivor Foundation, which is a great cause that, according to its mission statement, "restores, empowers, and renews hope for our wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support.

Texas Tech

Fall down go BOOM! Texas Tech gal gets leveled


Sidelines are a dangerous place, just ask this woman (trainer.

Texas Tech girl

Adorable Texas Tech girl swears, is adorable


Texas Tech running back DeAndre Washington pulled the ultimate DERP last night, dropping the ball at the 1-yard line en route to a touchdown.

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