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Well, This is What Prince Fielder Looks Like Naked

Not as bad as you think?

Ian Kinsler Calls Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels a “Sleazeball,” Hopes the Team Goes 0-162


Wildly Athletic Streaker Steals Show at Rays-Rangers Game

If you’re going to streak, you best get your money’s worth. Consider you’ll be spending some time in jail and will have to pay a

Houston Astros Catcher Falls for Worst Hidden Ball Trick Ever

The Houston Astros are allegedly a major league team. But not, like, a REAL major league team. And we love them for that.

Ian Kinsler’s Sliding Could Use Some Work

Texas Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler ruined his beautiful face with an ugly slide last night. The tape should be shown to Little Leaguers as

Dog Attends Baseball Game, Is a Bit Chilly

It was a chilly night in Arlington but this dog was ready. His planning paid off as he was able to stay until the end

Joe Nathan’s Pissed-Off Celebration is Quite Amusing

Texas Rangers closer Joe Nathan notched his eighth save of the young season last night in Minnesota. Along the way, though, he gave up a

Watch All of Yu Darvish’s Pitches at Once in This Mind-Blowing GIF

When Yu Darvish takes the mound, it’s must-see television. The Texas Rangers’ young gun has an incredibly diverse arsenal of pitches, all of which are

Yu Darvish Came THIS Close to a Perfect Game

Yu Darvish was completely unhittable last night, setting down 26 straight Houston Astros batters to get within one out of a perfect game.

Josh Hamilton Has Signed a 5-Year, $125M Deal With the Los Angeles Angels

Raise your hand if you saw this one coming. Nobody? OK.

Check Out This Incredibly Scary Lightning Strike During the Texas Rangers-Minnesota Twins Game

Major League Baseball players may have fame, money, and their pick of women, but deep down, they’re a lot like us. The Texas Rangers-Minnesota Twins

This Ron Washington Puppet Will Haunt Your Dreams

I don’t understand how people spend their precious time and money. For instance, this Texas Rangers fanatic who walks around with his hand stuck up

Watch All Four of Josh Hamilton’s Home Runs From Last Night

Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton became just the 16th player in Major League history to hit four home runs in a game last night against

Texas Rangers Couple Catches Foul Ball, Refuse to Give It to Hysterical Child Next to Them

I love this couple. They take a foul ball from the kid and then they start celebrating -- just throwing it in his

We’ve Found the World’s Craziest Yu Darvish Fan

Yu Darvish made his major league debut Monday night, working through a rough first inning to pick up the win against Seattle. Darvish

The Texas Rangers’ Derek Holland Played Weatherman for a While

What a multi-faceted human being the Dutch Oven is. Fun fact learned in this clip is that he actually attended a university for

Somehow, a Texas Rangers Fan Manages to Out-Stupid the Texans Super Bowl Champ Tattoo Fan

Remember our Texans fan who is already commemorating the team's 2012 Super Bowl Championship? A fellow Texan somehow manages to out-idiot our friend Chris Brown

Joe Buck Does the Same Game Six ‘We Will See You Tomorrow Night’ Call As His Dad Did In 1991

This is eerie. And all too awesome. Back on October 26, 1991, Jack Buck famously exclaimed “We will see you tomorrow night" as

Mike Napoli Suffers Terrifying Ankle Injury, But Stays in the Game

Baseball players get a lot a flack for being injury-prone pansies who are out a month from a tiny scratch on their pinky

Texas Rangers Fan Catches Foul Ball While Talking on His Cell Phone

Meet the new poster boy for acting like you've been there before. This guy snatches that ball out of the air like it's nothing and

Whatever You Do, Do NOT Do the Wave at the Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

The Wave:Super casual fans and extreme drunkards love it; Die-hards hate it and wish an untimely death upon the stadium/ballpark/arena crowd phenomenon. Whatever you do,

George W. Bush Participates In Rangers Record for Most People In One Place Wearing Sunglass at Night

Last night the Texas Rangers handed out about 33,000 pairs of sunglasses to easily break a Guinness World Record for the most people in one

George W. Bush Almost Gets Hit By a Foul Ball at the White Sox - Rangers Game

Last night the Rangers beat the White Sox 4-0, with Alexi Ogando getting a beer shower for his fifth win of the season. In the