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Angry Texans Fan Buys, Burns Matt Schaub Jersey

There are many ways to show disdain for your NFL team. None of them should cost $200. 

NFL Cameraman Catches Female Texans’ Fan Picking the Daylights Out of Her Nose

That, my friends, is a pick with purpose. She wasn't just trying to shake off an itch. Her plan was to leave nothing. LEAVE NOTHING!!!!!

Texans Try Disgusting Scandinavian Fish, and It Does Not Go Well

Surströmming is a Scandinavian delicacy known for its disgusting odour and overwhelmingly sour taste. It's perfect for a taste challenge.

Society Reaches New High Point as Texans, 49ers Fans Brawl in Stands

If you're looking for some intellectual stimulation for your Good Will Hunting-esque scholarly pursuits, look no further.

Here is the Double Decleater Highlight From Last Nights Vikings/Texans Game

Does it get any better than the last week of pre-season football? God I f*cking hope it does. Last night's Vikings/Texans game provided

Houston Texans Teammates Brian Cushing and Antonio Smith Almost Come to Blows On the Field

 It's only Monday and we already have an early frontrunner for J-Bro of the Week: Brian Cushing and Antonio Smith. In the second quarter of

VIDEO: Fan Runs on the Field During Third Quarter of Jets-Texans Game

I must have heard about seven different people on the subway talk about the "moron" who ran onto the field of New Meadowlands stadium during

Check Out This Parking Lot Brawl at a Texans-Cowboys Tailgate

Sadly, this week we've failed in our journalistic mission to bring you the very best fan fights from the wide world of sports. Until now.