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As If You Needed More Reasons To Not Visit Michigan, Their Lakes Now Have Piranha-Like Fish That Eat Testicles

Because Detroit was such a draw in the first place.

Man Sets Stranger’s Balls on Fire after Catching Him With His Girlfriend

A Chicago man is accused of holding a lighter to the genitals of a man he found sleeping with his girlfriend. 

This Man Is Selling His Testicle For $35,000

How broke would you have to be to sell ONE of your balls? Just ONE. This dude is doing it for $37,000. In my opinion,

Chinese Viagra is Made From Kangaroo Testicles

I don't know what is in American Viagra, but I am fairly certain it isn't kangaroo testicles. 

Testicle-Devouring Fish Arrives in America

America has plenty of problems: Soaring deficits, partisan bickering; an overdependence on fossil fuels. But up until today, at least I could say our country didn't have

The Size of Your Balls Tells You How Healthy You Are

Guys love grabbing their junk. Adjusting it, repositioning it. Making sure it's still there. The time and place for a mindless crotch-grab doesn't really matter—I

Bros, Don’t Iron Your Balls

What? Really? This is a thing?

Who Wants to Drink Some Beer Brewed With Bull Testicles?

We live in an extremely weird world. They are only making this because there was an overwhelmingly positive response to their April Fool’s Joke. People

Guy Foolishly Takes Back Girlfriend Who Literally Bit His Balls Off

Look, there’s a lot to be said for forgiving and forgetting, but there’s more to be said for standing up for your precious scrotum.