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Charlotte McKinney’s Photo Shoot With Terry Richardson Is Hotter Than the Earth’s Core

Smell ya later, Kate Upton.

Terry Richardson Photographed Rita Ora and There’s Nakedness to be Seen

Ho hum.

Terry Richardson Dropped by ‘Vogue’ After Allegedly Propositioning Model for Sex

Terry Richardson has made a career out of taking pictures of celebrities that look like his American Apparel ads and purposely looking like a creep.

Lindsay Lohan’s New Photo Shoot With Terry Richardson Reminds Us That Lindsay Lohan REALLY Likes to Smoke

No one on earth loves being photographed more, while ripping heaters, than Lindsay fucking Lohan.

Nina Agdal Was In Terry Richardson’s Studio and the Results Are Delightful

Oh you know, just the famous photograph who likes to take pictures extremely sexy pictures of women. 

Paris Hilton Strips Down for Terry Richardson, and It’s a Blast from the Past

It physically pains us to say that Paris Hilton hasn't aged over the last decade. Is she, however, still a horrible person? Yes.

Naya Rivera Sizzles in Terry Richardson Photo Shoot

You'd be forgiven for not knowing Naya Rivera: She stars as Santana Lopez on Glee and isn't quite a household name outside the teen-girl demo. 

Miley Cyrus Touches Herself and Twerks in New Terry Richardson Photo Shoot

This uncertainty has been looming over us for far too long. We need an answer. Miley Cyrus: hot or not? Vote on the poll right

Here’s Lady Gaga Stripping, Bathing With Other Girls

Lady Gaga alternates between being super-sexy and looking like an absolute train wreck. This is a case of the former.

ZOMG: Kate Upton’s New Photo Outtakes Are OMG OMG OMG OMG #@!$&!!!

Get a fire extinguisher handy before opening this post.

Miranda Kerr is Black, White, and Hot All Over

Miranda Kerr and Terry Richardson made sweet music together recently. Here is the photographic proof.