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Why People Who Don’t Get It Are Simply the Worst

Like just, awful.

5 Worst People at Every Barbecue

The temperature’s up, the homeless have emerged from hibernation, and the living’s once again easy—yes, summer is just about here.

Girl Spits In Boy’s Face, Boy Rationally Decides to Knock Her the Fuck Out

And the world continues to burn...

Check Out This Insane Black Friday Stun Gun Fight And Never Shop In Public Again

When can we cancel this whole society experiment? Today? It's too late, already.

Justin Bieber Takes Pro-Chris Brown, Pro-Weed Stance in Single Act

There's Justin Bieber, just committing some graffiti crime on the streets of Bogota, Colombia.

Is There a Worse Human Being Than a One-Upper?

I’m not a racist, for practical reasons. First, I hate myself way too much to have leftover animosity for entire ethnic groups. More importantly, there

The 15 Worst Types of People in America

"It takes all kinds to make the world go around," I said to another BroBibler the other day as we passed a gentlemen in Times