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Here’s a Video of Serena Williams Singing Karaoke

Love-Top 40.

Tiny Tennis Player Stands on Chair to Shake Hand of Giant Tennis Player

Yeah, we're going to need a chair over here.

Costa Rica Goalie Keylor Navas Practices By Saving Tennis Balls

Cross-sport integration.

You Can’t Stop Watching This Video of Rafael Nadal Juggle a Tennis Ball


Huge Bra Scandal Rocks Wimbledon

Uh oh.

Let’s Close Out the French Open with Video of Novak Djokovic Puking

It's mostly water.

Hot Tennis Player Is Dominating at the French Open After Breasts Reduction

It just goes to show you that there’s a hell of a lot more to life than an impressive rack.

Game, Set, Match, Blouses: Prince Attends French Open to Watch Rafael Nadal

Partying like it's tiebreak at 9-9.

Idiot Congratulates Nicolas Mahut on His French Open Loss


Rory McIlroy Breaks Engagement to Caroline Wozniacki, Gives Common Excuse

Earlier this morning, Rory McIlroy announced that he decided to break off his engagement to Caroline Wozniacki.

Watch a Ball Kid Get Nailed in the Face at the Australian Open, Barely Flinch

A little Aussie bro took a Florian Mayer shank to the face at the Australian Open yesterday, and he didn't even fall down. To be fair,

Something Tells Me This Tennis Announcer Has ‘Breaking Bad’ on His Mind

If you haven’t seen the end of Breaking Bad by now, allow me to spoil it for you: Walt Jr. can’t find a date to

Serena Williams Lost a Match on a Double Fault, Lost Her Racket to Violence

Serena Williams hates losing. She especially hates losing on a double fault. The only thing that helps dull the pain of such an experience is

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic Play Epic 54-Shot Rally

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic joined forces in the pursuit of the lusted-after Energizer battery sponsorship by playing a point that kept going and going

With Serena Williams Destroying Her, Francesca Schiavone Sought Comfort in a Ball Boy’s Hug

There’s really no nice way to say this, so I’ll just say it.

Bro Impersonates Famous Tennis Professionals to Near Perfection

Josh Berry is a Bro from across the pond with a talent for impressions, specifically pro tennis players. A day or two ago, he released

John Isner’s Grandfather Wears Tennis Player’s ‘Body Issue’ Photo on a T-Shirt for Some Reason

Nice shirt, old man.

Mikhail Youzhny Destroys His Racquet in Fit of Rage at French Open

Mikhail Youzhny got off to a terrible start in his fourth round French Open match against Tommy Haas. Apparently he believed this was entirely the

Tennis Player Viktor Troicki Throws Fit for the Ages

They say you only get one chance to make a first impression. Tennis player Viktor Troicki just blew his chance to

Guess What Sport LMFAO’s Redfoo is Trying to Go Pro In?

And it's not party rocking. 

Li Na’s Quest to Break Every Bone in Her Body Was Entertaining as Hell

Li Na fell to Victoria Azarenka in the Australian Open final early this morning. But her ability to make it a close three-set match despite

Serena Williams Has a Pretty Nasty Ankle Right Now

Serena Williams had a bit of a problem with her ankle during her Australian Open loss to Sloane Stephens. OK, it was big problem.

You Will Never See a More Preposterous Tennis Serve Than This Clear ‘Serve Shocker’

This seems like the equivalent of an errant drive in golf. Except that unlike in golf, there are not droves of people standing feet away

Jerzy Janowicz Had a Meltdown at the Australian Open

Jerzy Janowicz has a terrible temper. On the bright side, his name is worth so many points in Scrabble.

Behind-the-Back Tennis Shots Ain’t No Thing for Grigor Dimitrov

Every tennis blog on the planet is calling this "the tennis shot of the year." Yeah, no crap. During yesterday's Swiss Indoors Tournament match between

Andy Roddick Retiring After U.S. Open

You’d do the same thing if you had Brooklyn Decker waiting for you at home.

Heineken Kicks Off its 2012 US Open Sponsorship with Swanky NYC Party

Last night at the Dream Hotel Downtown in NYC, Heineken kicked off its 21st year of sponsorship of the US Open with a private event

‘Fire Tennis’ In Slo-Mo HD Should Be an Olympic Sport

Would lighting tennis balls on fire be as cool if it wasn't captured at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex camera? Probably not, but still a concept

Watch Maria Sharapova Hit Novak Djokovic in the Balls in Stunning HD

That whole "HD" thing is a lie. This video was taken with a first generation camera phone from about 100-yards away while Sharapova and Djokovic

Tennis Player David Nalbandian Shows How to Not Protest a Call

Great moment in sportsmanship history today at the Queens Final.

Presenting the French Open Rally That Almost Killed Both Players

The French Open has seen historic upsets, lovable underdogs and plenty of the indomitable human spirit. It also featured this insane 32-shot rally that took

Today Is the Greatest Day Ever Thanks to This Video of Bar Refaeli Playing Tennis In Her Underwear

Internet, meet what is quite possibly the greatest video ever. Just 53 super sweaty seconds of Bar Refaeli playing tennis in her underwear.

Bar Refaeli Under.Me Tennis Pics

Pics from Bar Refaeli's Under.Me tennis pics. Click here for the video!

Inside the Fast-Paced World of Beer Pong Ball Boys

Life’s not easy for beer pong ball boys. Just ask Deskin Whiters and Gorm Barnaget. People don’t respect the hard, unnecessary work. Their

SNL Mocks ‘Sports Science’ with Jonah Hill Taking Tennis Balls Below the Belt

Last night's SNL mocked ESPN's Sports Science with this ridiculous sketch, complete with Andy Samberg doing his best John Brenkus impression and Jonah Hill repeatedly

Sadly, Maria Sharapova Isn’t Running Around Giving Shower High-Fives

Maria Sharapova was on “Chelsea Lately” last night, which I know because my fiancée DVRs that estrogen-heavy gabfest. Kill me now. Anyway, the tennis player’s

Tennis, Anyone? Jelena Ristic Would Make a Good Doubles Partner

Novak Djokovic will seek to become the fifth man since 1968 to win three straight tennis majors when he squares off against Rafael Nadal

Ballboy at the Australian Open Makes the Most Impressive Catch You’ll See Today

This made the rounds yesterday. It's too awesome to not give it a go here. This ballboy became an Australian national hero/viral sensation

Marcos Baghdatis Breaks Four Tennis Racquets in a Row at Australian Open

When's the last time you got angry and smashed everything you could get your rage-driven hands on? For Marcos Baghdatis, it's last night.

15 Pics of Maria Kirilenko, Alex Ovechkin’s New Tennis Player Girlfriend

Everyone's favorite Russian party boy on the Washington Capitals has a new girlfriend: Maria Kirilenko, the No. 27-ranked player in the world. Yesterday he