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300-Pound Temple Football Recruit Can Run Faster Than You

Freddie Booth-Lloyd is a new recent recruit for the Temple University football team. At 300 pounds, he'll make one heck of a good D-lineman. But

Can Someone Please Explain This Temple University Student’s Ridiculous E-mail?

One of the best things about working for BroBible is the e-mails that land in our inboxes from readers. We receive our fair share of priceless

Watch Some Dude Get Leveled After Jumping On Stage With Kid Cudi at Temple University

Our boy Nate up on North Broad sent us this yesterday while we were still recovering from our WingFest hangover. Some asshat decided

Here’s A Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at Syracuse and Temple University

This weekend, BroBible will be heading up to Syracuse to kick off the 2011 tailgate tour. Stay tuned this afternoon for more details. In the