4 TV Moments That Made Every Bro Cry Like A Baby


Bros have feelings too, especially when it comes to sad TV moments.

breaking bad

Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos Could Become A Real Restaurant!


Breaking Bad is such a beloved television show, and despite the show sort of continuing with the prequel spinoff Better Call Saul, fans are still hungry for more of the hit show.


Netflix Is Developing A Live-Action ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Series And HOLY SHIT This Could Go So Wrong


The Legend of Zelda series is basically what I spent 90% of my childhood playing, with the other 90% being Pokemon games.


20 Things To Do While Watching Bravo With Your Girlfriend

By | 5 Comments

There is a stage in every relationship where cuddling up to the television with your significant other becomes a nightly ritual.

live tv

Watch A Television Reporter Get SMASHED In The Head With A Skateboard During A Live Report


Every job has its downfalls, no matter how seemingly easy or cushy it appears to be on the outside.


These 20 Memorable TV Screw-Ups Will Really Make You Appreciate Live Television


Live television has provided some of the biggest moments in pop culture history.


Australian TV Anchor Wears Same Suit Every Day For A Year To Make A Point, Did It Work?

By | 2 Comments

After noticing that his female co-anchors on Australia's TODAY morning show would often take flack for their outfits by users on social media, co-host Karl Stefanovic decided to undertake a social experiment.


Watch This Reporter Get Licked By Some Random Woman While Reporting On Marijuana Legalization


Oh great, is this what we have to look forward to with weed being legalized.


The 5 Shows You Can Watch With Your Girlfriend So She’ll Stop Being Mad At You After A Fight


It’s Sunday night, and your girlfriend is inevitably mad at you for blowing her off all day to watch football.


HBO To Launch Stand-Alone ‘HBO Streaming Service’ In 2015–Time To Ditch Cable?


In a press release HBO has just announced that they will be offering a stand-alone streaming service in 2015, releasing the shackles of the major cable networks (a la Netflix).

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