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A Guide to Understanding Teenagers and the Stupid Slang Words They Use

Do you know a teenager? If the answer to that question is "yes," do you have a hard time communicating with them because of the

VIDEO: Teenage Girl Goes HAM on Mother For Sleeping with Her Friend

Cougar hate.

Teen Arrested for Throwing ‘Project X’ Style Party, Hilariously Conducts Interview with Fischer-Price Microphone

Australian party kid, you've met your match.

Genius Teen Tweets American Airlines to Tell Them She’s Part of Al-Qaeda

Silly kids and their social media.

You Can Get High Smoking Bed Bugs, So of Course Teens Are Doing It

It might even be an epidemic.

Police in Virginia Bust Gigantic Teen Sexting Ring

Teens. Always with the sexting.

Half of All Americans Admit to Sexting

Which means that… what… almost a hundred percent of us are doing it? Because I’m sure a lot of people […]

Can You Guess Which State a 600-Person Brawl Occurred In?

This being 2013, it should be an easy enough guess. 

Listen to this Poor Kid Try and Flirt with Virtual Strippers in ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

Apparently in Grand Theft Auto V, you can communicate verbally with the strippers you are trying to solicit for virtual lap dances.  

Facebook Now Allows You to Ruin Your Life Earlier Than Ever

Facebook is becoming less and less popular among 13 to 17-year-olds. This is frightening to Zuck and co., because no one uses the Internet more than

Teens Find New Way to Smoke Pot; Society Doesn’t Fall Apart

Heavens to Betsy!! Teenagers have found a new way to smoke pot!!

Teens in California Can Now Scrub Dumb Photos from the Internet

It's a strange, strange time to be a teenager in the United States. Your spiritual leader is Jaden Smith. You spend much of your day

Hero Teen Saves Abducted Little Girl, Restores Faith in America

Local news is depressing as shit. It's car crashes and teenage murders and electrical fires at puppy rescues, and if you watch each night, you

Teen Tweets Picture of Dying Man, Doesn’t, You Know, Help Him

While reading about this story, we couldn't help but think of the finale of Seinfeld, when George, Kramer, Jerry and Elaine witness a fat guy