Teen Tapes A Bunch Of Mentos To His Body, Jumps Into A Bathtub Full Of Coke


One way to do the Coke and Mentos experiment is in a bathtub.

time travelin teens

Meet The Time-Travelling Teen On Tinder Who Says He’s Met Kurt Cobain


This is the story of a teen who can time travel and met Kurt Cobain.


Teens Make A Mockery Of Airport Security, Put On Yellow Vests And Walk Out Onto Runway To Take Selfies


We live in a world where you can't sneeze loudly without someone turning their head in suspicion, and where you're likely to get an anal cavity search at the airport if you would prefer not to have your naked body 3D-scanned.


This Video Of Millennials Reaction To 80’s Fashion Makes Me Want To Punch A Teen


Listen up you little pissants, you weren't there, you don't know how awesome it was.

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