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A Guide to Understanding Teenagers and the Stupid Slang Words They Use

Do you know a teenager? If the answer to that question is "yes," do you have a hard time communicating with them because of the

Teenagers Are Taking Selfies at the 9/11 Memorial Too

Earlier this morning we showed you a selfie that a teenager took at Poland's infamous Auschwitz concentration camp, where hundreds of thousands of people lost

Teens Are Taking Selfies At Auschwitz, Because Nothing Is Sacred These Days

Teenagers are the worst.

Stupid Teenagers Are ‘Beezin’ To Get High Now, Which Involves Putting Burts Bees On Your Eye-Lids

For the sake of humanity, ban teenagers.

Pennsylvania Teenager Asks Miss America to Prom, Gets Promptly Suspended

Teenagers are just the worst, aren't they?

You’ll Never Believe What Stupid Teenagers Are Smoking Now

What comes from Colombia, is best used when finely ground, and is 100% legal?

How Awkward Is It to Get a Hand Job From Someone New for the First Time?

It was sophomore year of high school. Her name was Emily. We weren't dating but we found ourselves in my parent's basement exploring each other's

Smartphones Are Turning Teens Into Grunting Cavemen

Society is moving further from the days of Richie Cunningham sharing a milkshake with a date, and closer and closer to a moment in the future when

Teens Are Doing the ‘Condom Challenge,’ and Here’s the Disgusting Video

A couple of months ago, I wrote a column on how this girl, Giovanna Plowman, became a brief online personality after she ate a used tampon.

What Things are Named According to Teenagers

Look, this isn't just for 15-year-old dumbasses. There some real gems in here: Pottery class as "fart class." Cici's Pizza as "Feces Pizza." Pizza Hut

A Girl Is Really Famous for Eating a Used Tampon, and You’re Getting Old

There’s a kid from West Seneca, N.Y. named Giovanna Plowman who, earlier this month, ate a used tampon, recorded the action, and uploaded the video

Mom of the Year Made 13 Year-Old Son Sign Extensive 18 Point Contract to Get a New iPhone

Some will think this is way too much. Some will think this is revolutionary. In reality, it's likely somewhere in between, erring more towards responsible.

Study Says: Unlike Alcohol, Weed Doesn’t Harm the Teenage Brain

But does it harm their ability to avoid the Wendys Drive-Thru?

Infographic: How Teenagers Spend Their Day

This is the most accurate Infographic that has hit the internet in days.