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Tired Of Warm Beer? Stop Being A Scrub And Buy This New Beer Slushie Machine

The answer to all your summertime sadness.

Real Life Cyborgs You Didn’t Know Existed

These are the people that can help us defeat Skynet. Come with them if you want to live.

Gmail Hacks That Will Save Your Inbox

Have a drunk e-mail that you regret sending to your boss? BRO.... THERE'S STILL A CHANCE. These Gmail hacks are lifesavers... Know them, live by

The World’s First Burrito Vending Machine Has Arrived

Watch out, Chipotle. Burrito Box is going to change the burrito game. The concept -- in a nutshell -- is like Red Box and Chipotle have a love

What the Four Main Apps in Your iPhone Dock Say About You

Let’s just get the obvious out of the way right off the bat. Smartphones, iPhones for most of us, have become increasingly more prominent in

Is Snapchat’s New ‘Stories’ Update a Facebook Killer for Young People?

An interesting new update just rolled out for Snapchat on iOS and Android. It's an option to create Snapchat Stories, which is a temporary social network to share unique content with friends

RUN FOR THE HILLS: Gchats are Going to the Wrong People

Today in news that could potentially rip apart offices and families: Gchat—the way all the cool kids interact post-college—glitched out this morning, sending users' messages to the wrong

Bill Gates Says ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ Was a Mistake

During a talk at Harvard University on Sept. 21, Bill Gates admitted that Control-Alt-Delete—the three-button combination that made even the dumbest Windows user feel like

How to Live Without Your iPhone

I’ve spent the last 24 hours without my iPhone. It’s been an absolute struggle, and, really, I'm just thankful to still be alive.

Watch the iPhone’s New Slow-Mo Camera Used on a Set of Bouncing Boobs, Because Technology

Over the weekend, thousands of brand-new iPhone 5s users discovered that they can now film things in slow motion. Did they use this feature to film butterflies, or

7 Simple Steps for Sleeping with Your Twitter Followers

Last week my friend called to see if wanted to drink some scotch.

Your Tinder Account May Have Been Compromised for WEEKS

Tinder exposed its users' exact physical location and Facebook profile not for a "few hours," like the company's CEO previously indicated, but a few weeks.

Watch Steve Jobs Amazingly Predict the Future of Technology

Think back on the computer you used as a kid. Was it a Macintosh? A Gateway 2000? A $3,000 Dell? The color interface was mind-blowing.

Ranking the Coolest Technology in Sports

Doesn't get any cooler than this super-geeky, super-awesome sports technology. I mean, just freakin' LOOK:

How Technology Has Ruined Dating

Listing off how technology has ruined dating would result in a scroll longer than the Quran, so I will keep this

4 Ways Technology Is Ruining Our Future

Whenever I hear the word technology, the first thing that always comes to mind is learning how to type on a

Here are a Few Reasons Google Glass Might Suck

Everyone’s all jazzed up about Google Glass. But what if it sucks? What then? This video explores that very real possibility.

Good Luck Hopping on Your Mom’s Netflix Account in the Future

It's a time-honored tradition shared by college kids and post-grads the country over: If you know a parent, friend, friend's parent, or cool dude named

Prostitutes Now Using Square for Reasons Everyone Probably Should Have Seen Coming

Ever use Square? Square's the mobile credit card payment service founded a few years back by Twitter creator Jack Dorsey. It's widely been hailed as

Professors Can Now Check and See If You’re Actually Reading the Textbooks

No exaggeration in that headline. This is as insane as it sounds: Professors now have technology that will alert them when you've skipped your digital

Today in Terrible Ideas, the BlackBerry 10 Tells Your Friends When You’re Watching Porn

Cell phones have a complicated relationship with porn. On the surface, you'd think it'd be the perfect coupling: Small, easily transportable magic Internet-connecting device +

NYC Restaurant’s Instagram Menu Will Ensure You Stay on Your Phone THE WHOLE MEAL!

For the last three or four years, we've all either been the victim or the perpetrator of excessive restaurant phone usage. It's an experience unlike

How Bros Will Use the Google Glasses

Will the Google Glasses up your dating game? Maybe! 

This 84 Year-Old Grandpa Is Quite Baffled, Excited About the Video Game Playing Machine


Facebook Might Owe You Money, and Here’s How to Get It

This is our chance to act like we're filming an ad for a scummy ambulance-chasing law firm:

Twitter’s Vine App is Already Filled With Porn

When a new technology emerges, we waste precious little time figuring out how it will affect our pornography viewing. Vine, Twitter’s new mobile service, is

‘Dude, You’re Getting a Dell’ Guy Has All the Answers for How to Get Dell Back on Track

"Dude, you're getting a CELL!" Haha, remember that? When the Dell guy got busted trying to buy a bag of weed while wearing a kilt

Daughter of Google Chairman Gives Amazing Info on the Weirdness of North Korea

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt just got back from a two-week trip to that closed-off place very, very few of us will ever see—North Korea—to

Tech Be Cool: Monster CEO Noel Lee Tells Us About the Seamless Fusion of Headphones and Style

Geeks, pocket protectors, and excessive amounts of grease. Nobody really know where this grease came from, but it was a definitely a thing.

IBM Researchers Made Watson Memorize Urban Dictionary, According to Greatest News Story Ever

I'm not sure if you've put a lot of thought into how your interactions with robots will go on the day they officially overtake us,

Why Turning Off Your Phone on an Airplane Is Ridiculously Unnecessary

Conspiracy theorists have always wondered why the hell the cell phone—a small device that gives off a tiny electromagnetic signal—is such a big deal to

It’s Apparently Really Easy to Lock Out Your Friends’ Facebook Accounts

Who knew? Locking out a friend's account on Facebook is actually very easy. But before we go any further, a word of warning: This is

Look, Up in the Sky: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s A Remote Control Superman

I think I’d crash my car, poop my pants, or do both if I saw a realistic-looking man flying around in the sky.

Even Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Is Getting Burned by Facebook’s Privacy Settings

In just the past two weeks, Facebook and its subsidiaries have done at least three really unpopular things: 1. Spammers and other people you're not

Myspace’s Tom May Have Just Unleashed the Twitter Burn of the Century

That picture up there brings back the memories, huh? The skeezy nights spent adding friends on Myspace, the first time you discovered Tila Tequila's profile,

If You’re on Instagram, You Sold Your Soul to the Company Yesterday

[Ed: I put a Paulina Gretzky Instagram photo up there because I'm a whore. This story is not really about her.]

You Should Check Out Facebook’s ‘Year in Review’ Option

For something that's such a major part of our lives, Facebook gets crapped on a ton. And some of the criticisms are valid—the privacy settings

The New Apple Maps Download Will Literally Kill You Dead

I knew there was a reason why my iPhone has had that red notification "1" hanging out in the top right corner of the settings

That Facebook Copyright Post is a Hoax

So you can stop posting it now. Y’all are cluttering my beloved baby picture feed.

Top Ten Things We Want This Week

We stumble across a lot of dope stuff every day on the Internet. You should be made aware of it. Introducing our new Friday column,