You Will Be Able To Order Domino’s Pizza By Tweeting A Pizza Emoji, For Drunks And Stoners This Will Be Trouble


— Domino's Pizza (@dominos) May 12, 2015 Listen, you can't be lifting up a heavy smartphone and hold that five ounces up to your head for the 3-7 minutes or however long it takes to order a pizza over the phone.

military tech

Watch Navy’s Prototype Drones That Swarm Targets Like Locusts


When we last checked in on Navy drones, they were developing a fish-like apparatus called the GhostSwimmer to secure the seas.

cable cutters

Could Upcoming Apple TV Streaming Service Kill Cable?

By | 2 Comments

With all of the variety and quality of programming on Netflix it still has it's shortfalls with no live TV to make it a real alternative to cable.

nvidia shield

Could World’s First 4K Android TV Console For $199 Threaten Xbox One And PS4?

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Most people are not familiar with the tech company Nvidia, but that could change very, very soon.

new galaxy s6 revealed

Samsung Finally Unveils Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge – See New Design, Specs, Features And Release Date


On Thursday, we brought you leaked photos of Samsung's Galaxy S6 and it's curved-screen brother Edge.


Mophie Drops The New Powerstation Plus Line-Up Offering Up To 8X More Battery Life


In today's society, the fear of losing power is a real anxiety.

yik yak

The Frat Bros Who Founded Yik Yak Are Getting Sued By Their Fellow Frat Bro


Apparently when it comes to starting successful apps with your fraternity brothers geared towards college students, time is a flat circle.


70% Of The World Pronounces GIF Correctly, The Rest Of You Are Morons And I Hate You


In a recent collaboration between Mashable and ColumnFive they polled 30,000 people on who they pronounce various common place words on the Internet, and some of the results are fairly astounding.

iphone 6

8 New iPhone Tricks For iOS8


How stoked are you now that you can see what's actually draining your batter, iPhone users.


You Can Now Shut Your Annoying Friend Up with Twitter Mute


Twitter's new feature MAY have been designed by Regina George.


Kids Reacting to a Walkman Will Make You Feel Old as Hell


Children of the '80s will remember the first time they stuck the Nevermind cassette in a Walkman, which is an experience these kids can't even begin to comprehend.

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