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The Wall Street Journal Says ‘Yo’ App Is Going to Be Bigger Than Twitter, Because ‘Yo’ Is Awesome

...and why aren't you following BroBible on Yo yet?

You Can Now Shut Your Annoying Friend Up with Twitter Mute

Twitter's new feature MAY have been designed by Regina George.

Kids Reacting to a Walkman Will Make You Feel Old as Hell

Children of the '80s will remember the first time they stuck the Nevermind cassette in a Walkman, which is an experience these kids can't even

Facebook Buys Virtual Reality Company for $2 Billion

What... is going on here exactly.

Airbnb Renter Finds His Home Trashed by Participants of Overweight Orgy

In theory, Airbnb is awesome.

Shaquille O’Neal Says He Spends Over $1,000 a Week on Apps

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, SXSW festival-goer Shaquille O'Neal revealed that he spends over $1,000 a week on apps.

Millenials Are Now Licking Their Phone Screens to Learn How to Go Down on Girls

Hey! Remember when you didn't need an app to learn how to go down on a girl?

WhatsApp Employees May Make $160 Million EACH on Facebook Deal

Yesterday, Facebook purchased the smartphone messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion. That was a lot of money! $12 billion of […]

Facebook Just Bought an App for $19 Billion

Remember when Facebook purchased Instagram for a billion? Remember when they offered Snapchat 3? Child’s play. Mere child’s play. Zuck […]

Constantly Checking Your Phone Is Making Your Life Miserable

The texts, Instagrams, and quick peeks at your ex's recent Foursquare check-in can wait: Frequently looking at your phone doesn't make you feel more plugged in or social, according

6 Essential Tips For Mac Users

Shameful Admission: I promised myself years ago, when I bought my first iPod, that I would never go full Apple. Well, friends, I have gone full

Norwegian Student Who Bought 5,000 Bitcoins as a Goof Is Now Nearly a Millionaire

Three years ago, Norwegian student Kristoffer Koch was procrastinating when he read an article about bitcoins, an unregulated online currency that was a new concept at the time.

Is Apple Trying to Turn Your Old iPhone Lame?

There was once a time, not too long ago, when the original iPhone (the "1") was considered the pinnacle of cell phone technology. It was revolutionary.

Apple Announces iPad Air, Which Is Very Thin

Apple held an event today to announce improvements to its tablets, and the iPad Air came away as the big reveal. The machine isn't, by

Meet the New App That Allows You to Save and Reopen Snapchat Messages

Well, this should go over well. Snaphack hit the iTunes store late last night, and it allows you to save and re-open Snapchat messages you

Twitter’s History is Filled with Backstabbing and Ridiculousness

You can't start an online sensation without stabbing a few backs. Everyone knows how Zuck kicked out Eduardo Saverin when starting TheFacebook. Others might know

Are You Ready for the MySpace Comeback?

MySpace is BACK. And while Tom isn't along for the ride—too busy burning people on Twitter—Justin Timberlake and around 36 million people are, representing an increase

You’ll Be Able to Buy Into Twitter by Thanksgiving

Twitter will announce this week that it has filed an IPO and plans to become a publicly traded company, a move that will come possibly as

Looking for the Frattiest Bars in Your City? Yelp Is Here to Help

Last night, Yelp introduced "Wordmap," a tool that shows its users heatmaps of major cities based on keyword frequency in reviews. In other words, if

Watch Steve Jobs Amazingly Predict the Future of Technology

Think back on the computer you used as a kid. Was it a Macintosh? A Gateway 2000? A $3,000 Dell? The color interface was mind-blowing.

4 Ways Technology Is Ruining Our Future

Whenever I hear the word technology, the first thing that always comes to mind is learning how to type on a

Tumblr Founder David Karp’s Staff Note is Absurd

The Internet has blogged and reblogged the news: Yahoo! bought a fellow online company with useless punctuation, Tumblr., for $1.1 billion this weekend—with all of

Watch Bill Gates Detail His Last Visit with Steve Jobs

Bill Gates was the subject of a big 60 Minutes profile last night. It was pretty fascinating. Everyone knows that Gates has reinvented himself over

Spotify Will Add Streaming Video and Compete with Netflix, HBO

Like many of you who got caught up in the Great "House of Cards" Binge of 2013, I was excited by more than just the

We’ve Created a Robot that Never Loses at Rock, Paper, Scissors

When I was young, my mother read me the story of John Henry taking on the steam-powered hammer. Nothing made me happier than when Henry

Attention: Facebook Just Changed Your E-Mail Address

Facebook is the sneakiest. You probably didn’t even notice, but Mark Zuckerberg & Co. have changed your e-mail address on the social-networking site from something

Five Things We’d Like to Do with Those Crazy Google Glasses

We're on the cusp of revolutionary technology. According to the New York Times, a pair of Google-made glasses that stream information to the wearer's eyes

The Samsung Focus Flash is the First Born in a New Generation of Windows Phones

Earlier this month, Microsoft staged a massive stunt in New York's Herald Square, building the world's largest Windows Phone in celebration of the launch of

Apple Unveils Voice-Controlled iPhone 4S; World Collectively Says ‘That’s It?’

Apple today unveiled their much-hyped new iPhone, the iPhone 4S. Those people hoping for an iPhone 5 with a major overhaul were disappointed, as Apple

VIDEO: The $136,000 Jetlev Water Jet Pack Now Has a Commercial

Back in February Waffles introduced us to the JetLev Flyer, a water-propelled personal jet pack that looks like a sci-fi escape vehicle in "Octop*ssy." After

Apple’s iPad 2—Everything You Need to Know

For everyone who got an iPad for Christmas, I have bad news for you and your mom: she should have waited a couple months. The

Is Kik Messenger the Next BBM?

The application "Kik Messenger" is skyrocketing in numbers. It's grown 1,400% in under a month. What is it? It's an app you can download on

10 Ways Technology Has Ruined Modern Men

Reminder: Don't forget to become a fan of Waffles McButter on Facebook! Technological advancements, in all facets of life, are inevitable. From high-definition television sets to computers

RIM Announces BlackBerry PlayBook, the ‘First Professional Tablet’

There's something ironic about "PlayBook," the name of RIM's first ever BlackBerry tablet, which was just announced this afternoon. The 7-inch device is in fact

Steve Jobs Unveils New iPods, Apple TV, iOS, and Social Music Network

In his typical black shirt and jeans, Steve Jobs unveiled a few new Apple products this afternoon, including some new iPod models, a refreshed Apple