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Introducing #Flaccoing, the Latest and Greatest NFL Fad

#Tebowing is long gone. This is the real craze. 

UPDATE: Man That Clotheslined Teen Off a Lawnmower, Tebowed, and Drove Away, Has Killed Himself

They caught him! And he's as stoogey-looking as you'd have imagined. Although I when I first heard this story I actually envisioned the clotheslining thug

Motorist Gets Out Of His Car, Clotheslines Teen Off Lawnmower, Tebows, And Then Drives Away

It's a sick, demented world we live in. Everyday I turn on this Internet machine I see nothing but brutal murders, stupid people dying for

Paul Pierce Led the Celtics to Victory, Tebowed

As a society, we were doing such a good job of letting Tebowing die a natural death. And then Paul Pierce had to go ruin

Forget About Tebowing, Bradying Is New Hotness

Oh, Jesus Christ. Just when our collective Facebook feeds stopped being clogged by people Tebowing, a new quarterback-inspired pose is poised to fill the void

Did Sergio Garcia Attempt the World’s Saddest Tebow after His Hole-in-One in Abu Dhabi?

I have yet to strike a Tebow pose, plank, or participate in any other viral trend for that matter, with the lone exception

Weekend Buzz, Presented by Bunny Jessa Hinton Tebowing

Hey! It's the weekend! Because this might be the last time in a long, long time we can feature "Tebowing," here's Playboy Playmate Jessa Hinton

‘Tebow of Nazareth’: The Music Video

Are you Tebow'ed the f**k out yet?

Here’s Tim Tebow Getting Tebowed By Lions Linebacker Stephen Tulloch After Getting Sacked

Tebowing! It's the hot new craze. All the kids are doing it, including Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch, who sacked Tebow in the flesh

Introducing ‘Tebowing,’ the Latest Moronic Fad to Hit the Internet

It looks as if the 99% have found another way to "occupy" their time. I suppose this is appropriate since we've been without an idiotic