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Even Dick’s Sporting Goods Has Tim Tebow Sitting on the Bench

Fortunate coincidence or premeditated and hilarious move by the Dick's Sporting Goods mannequin department? Either way, it's been a tough season for Tebow; relegated to

‘Chicks Tebow Hasn’t Banged’ Is a Slideshow for the Ages

Tim Tebow is a virgin. Have you heard? It hasn't been in the news that much.

‘New York Post’ Rips on Jets’ Inability to Score in Uproarious Fashion

At first glance, this looks like one of those serious 'Playmakers' type headlines, a confirmation that Sexy Rexy has completely lost control of his cocky

Of Course Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift Went Out on a ‘Date’

You knew this was coming. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and break-up song aficionado Taylor Swift were spotted out on a dinner date

Forget About Tebowing, Bradying Is New Hotness

Oh, Jesus Christ. Just when our collective Facebook feeds stopped being clogged by people Tebowing, a new quarterback-inspired pose is poised to fill the void