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I Can’t Stop Looking at the Mugshot of this High School Teacher Who Showed Up Drunk and Pantsless On Her First Day of School

Great first impression.

Professor Jerked off to Student to Help Him Focus, Student Is Also a Dolphin

Teacher-student sex has been in the news lately.

High School Teachers Read Mean Tweets From Their Students

Taking a note from Jimmy Kimmel's playbook, the teachers from Los Alamitos High School in Los Alamitos, California made a pretty funny video reading mean

Arkansas Teacher Accidentally Airs Personal Sex Tape to Her 7th-Grade Class

A seventh-grade teacher in Little Rock, Arkansas mistakenly played a graphic tape of herself performing sex acts on her fiancé to her class.

Teacher Watching Videos of Amputees Having Sex During Class Accidentally Airs It to Students

A teacher at a business school in Switzerland was outed for watching amputee porn during a class he was running […]

72-Year-Old High School Teacher Caught Furiously Masturbating in School Hallway

Hot tip: don't pleasure yourself on school property, of any kind. Even driving school.

English Teacher Suspended for Using Lil Wayne Lyrics to Teach Figurative Language

A middle school English teacher was suspended for having her students read the lyrics to a Lil Wayne song and underline all his usage of

It’s a GREAT Day for America: 23-Year-Old Teacher Who Took Nude Pics Got Her Job Back

F. Scott Fitzgerald said there are no second acts in American life. F Scott Fitzgerald is full of shit... 

Student Rick Rolls Physics Teacher in Truly Amazing Fashion

Sairam Gudiseva needed to write a physics paper. Sairam Gudiseva wrote a physics paper. Oh, did Sairam Gudiseva write a physics paper. The time this must

Bro Tells Teacher In Essay Section of His Biology Exam That He Does Not Give a Fuck About Science

You have to respect the balls to tell your teacher you do not give one fuck about his class, but really value the friendship the

Best High School Teacher Ever Spins a Basketball on His Pen While He Grades Students’ Tests

Well, we don't know if he is the best teacher ever. His kids could all be suffering thanks to his shoddy teaching skills and piss

Dallas High School Teacher Outed as ‘Playboy’ Model; Students Surprisingly Cool With It

In February of 2011 Cristy Nicole Deweese dropped her last name, posed nude for Playboy, and earned "Coed of the Month" honors. They were, uh, pretty

Math Teacher Confiscates a Student’s Phone, Sets Passcode to The Answer of This Math Problem

Bro move on the teacher's part. Nothing worse than bratty kids these days tappin' away on their phones, Tindering, Instagraming, and reading sites like BroBible

High School Girl Will Miss Her Friends, The Teachers She Boned

She came. She saw. She made her teachers come. She conquered.

Florida Teacher Told to Resign Over These Racy Photos

Olivia Sprauer is a 26-year-old who taught high school English in Martin County, Florida. She was forced to resign last week after her principal got

Awesome Teacher Carly McKinney Suspended After Calling Students Jailbait, Posting Half-Naked Pics

23-year-old math teacher Carly McKinney was suspended from her job this week at Aurora, Colorado's Overland High School this week after it was revealed that she

Dance Off Breaks Out in School, Teacher Wins with Riverdance Moves

In the classic "South Park" episode, "You Got F'd in the A," Stan gets "served" by a group of kids, and when he heads home,

6th-Grader Turns in Hilarious School Assignment about Bacon

Thanks in no small part to Reddit, the Internet is currently in the grips of a "Single White Female"-level obsession with bacon. We're not sure

High School Senior Wins $400 Bet For Hooking Up with His Teacher

If Eric Arty doesn't win Bro of the Week this week for giving his teacher's puss arrhythmia, I'm tendering my resignation and moving to North

Teachers Pull Giant, Dance-Filled Videobomb Prank on Students

Holy crap, is everyone talking about this video. I mean, my uncle, who still has a Lycos account, forwarded it to me. Yes,

P*rn-Seeking Students Discover English Teacher’s Dangling Participle

An Australian teacher is taking a leave of absence while allegations that he made a adult entertainment with one of his former students are explored.

Who Wants to Watch a Video of a Teacher Punching a Student in the Face?

I have a lot of respect for teachers and I truly can't imagine a more miserable job than having to deal with a classroom of