Male School Advisor Insanely Bodyslams A Female Teacher During A Pick-Up Basketball Game

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I've heard of getting into someone's head during a pick-up basketball game, but this woman, Katherine Martin, must have been doing some serious Larry Bird shit on this idiot, Travis Mims, for him to go all WWE on her like this.

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The Latest Teacher Sex Scandal Involves A ‘Best Of The Best Teacher’ Award Winner


It's getting so we can't go a week without some teacher sex scandal hitting the news wires.


Check Out These Two Female Teachers Who Were Arrested For Having Sex With High School Students On The Beach


How severe does the thirst have to be for two adult women to orchestrate an alcohol-fueled sex-on-the-beach party with multiple male high school students.

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This Hot Teacher Was Arrested For Having Sex With Her 18-Year-Old Student Less Than ONE YEAR After Getting Married

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Via Facebook Most teacher-student sex scandals involve some 30-and-over-year-old teacher who’s married and has 3 kids, a dog, a minivan for ferrying her spawn around to and from soccer practice and an itch in the back of her head that’s quietly screaming “You’re OLD.

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Hot Teachers Are Now Just Getting Probation For Having Sex With Students


We've heard a lot of stories over the past year about teachers having sex with students and usually it ends with the teacher spending a little time in the graybar hotel.


24-Year-Old NYC Gym Teacher Megan Mahoney Faces SERIOUS Charges For Sex With Student


Earlier today, in a blog post about a similar naughty teacher story, my colleague J.


22-Year-Old High School Teacher In D.C. Wastes No Time, Has Oral Sex With Student On Her First Day At School


My sincerest apologies to the stock photo model (pictured above) who will now and forever be linked to this story.

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Teen Who Bragged About Having A Threesome With His Teachers Feels Bad For Getting Them Arrested

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Two weeks ago the Internet exploded over the news of a Louisiana 17-year-old allegedly having a threesome with his English teachers, Rachel Respess, 24, and Shelley Dufresne, 32, who were charged with having sex with a minor.

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