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This Video from 2009 of a White Teacher Explaining Why He Uses the Word ‘N***a’ Is Going Viral

This will be the most WTF?! thing you see all day.

Kid Forgets To Call Parents, Kicked to The Curb For a Day

It's safe to say that approximately zero teenagers enjoy checking in with their parents on weekend nights. It's often a perfunctory exchange that is supposed

Who Wants to Watch a Video of a Teacher Punching a Student in the Face?

I have a lot of respect for teachers and I truly can't imagine a more miserable job than having to deal with a classroom of

Student Exposes Teacher’s P*rn Career Causing Her To Quit

    If we've heard this tale once, we've heard it a thousand times. A 22-year-old girl finds herself homeless, thoroughly unloved, and down on her luck.