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Does TCU Have the Best Football Unis in the Nation?

Look at these. Look... at... these: On Friday, TCU debuted its opening game uniform, a stunning, special-edition mostly-black set by Nike that includes one of

This Horrible, $50,000 Statue May Get TCU’s Student Body President Impeached

The horrific, fever dream creature lackadaisically resting on a bench up there is TCU's newest statue. It's supposed to be a representation of TCU's mascot

TCU Apparently Sends ‘Fear of God’ Letter to Incoming Freshmen With Senioritis

Is this not bullsh*t? When I was in high school, senior year is what you worked towards. Senior year was temporary retirement. A time to

TCU Has Produced the Worst ‘Call Me Maybe’ Rendition We’ve Ever Seen

TCU decided to change the lyrics to "Call Me Maybe" and perform it -- a little too merrily for anyone's taste -- at an orientation

TCU Interfraternity President Arrested After Cops Receive Call for Blowtorch Incident

Just a few days after TCU's huge drug bust, Casey Tounget, the president of TCU’s Interfraternity Council spent the night in the clink for furnishing

TCU Football Player: 82 Members of Team Failed Drug Test

Four Texas Christian University football players are accused of selling marijuana to undercover cops and were arrested in a campus-wide drug sting earlier today. Linebacker

BroBible Goes ‘Boulevarding’ at the SMU-TCU Tailgate in Big D

Last weekend, BroBible, accompanied by our friends at Yard Sale U, took on the state of Texas, enduring two unforgettable tailgates and witnessing two of