This Amber Rose Vs. Model Blac Chyna Slow-Motion Twerk Competition Video Puts Taylor Swift’s Twerking Skills To Shame


Via Instagram We all saw the music video for Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off,” right.

south park

‘South Park’ Let Us Know What Would Happen If Bill Cosby And Taylor Swift Sat On A Couch Together


Comedy Central We knew South Park was going to do something inappropriate with Bill Cosby's character on their holiday special.

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What Do Taylor Swift, Ferguson Protesters, Ebola Doctors, And Roger Goodell Have In Common?

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If you handed me a piece of paper with Roger Goodell, Ebola Doctors, and Ferguson Protestors each written on it, and asked me to tell you the unifying theme, well I'd be be at a loss.

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Billy Eichner Composed A Song For Taylor Swift To Sing And It’s The Most Taylor Swift Song Ever


Team Coco Billy Eichner wrote a song for Taylor Swift to hopefully one day use as her own called "Glitter and Ribs.

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