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Here’s What It Looks Like to Become Public Enemy #1 of Taylor Swift Superfans

Should I be murdered, scour Taylor Swift fan sites to find my killer.

Is Taylor Swift a Feminist Now?

She woke up like this.

Taylor Swift’s VMAs Performance of ‘Shake It Off’ With Only Her Vocals Is Kind of Cringeworthy


Ya Tay. Ya. (GIF)

This is Taylor Swift dancing to Iggy Azalea.

Did Hanging Out With Me Drive Taylor Swift Back Into The Arms of John Mayer?

Just stab me through the heart with your guitar.

Rapper Earl Sweatshirt Says Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ Music Video Might Be Racist

The Internet was quick to laugh at Taylor Swift's new music video/single “Shake it Off” when it debuted yesterday. D

Here’s How I Ended Up Eating Pizza With Taylor Swift In Her Apartment Last Night

I assure you that this was not just some fever dream.

As a Male, I Can’t Even With Taylor Swift’s New Music Video


Taylor Swift. Ice Bucket Challenge. Click Link Here.

A story in three acts.

A Geeked-Out Taylor Swift Joined Jimmy Fallon in His Latest Installment of ‘Ew!’

Hi, Taylor.

Guys, a Newspaper Suggested Taylor Swift Is Maybe Gay and Her Publicist DIDN’T Deny It

Which can only mean one thing.

Taylor Swift Looked G-O-O-D Good Last Night

Real good.

Taylor Swift Gave a Fan $90 to Go Buy Chipotle While Walking in Central Park

Taylor Swift knows that the guac is extra.

Taylor Swift Sings a Song for Kid with Cancer, Be Pretty Much the Coolest Human Being Ever

I've resisted for years, but Taylor Swift just won my heart over with this incredible act of coolness.

Breaking: Taylor Swift’s LEGS FOR DAYSSSSS Is Making Us Lose Our Damn Minds

T-swift, you're alright with us. You are allllllllright with us.

Taylor Swift Wrote an Op-Ed About the Music Industry and It’s 100% On-Point

Any time Taylor Swift makes headlines, my instinctual reaction is to swat at it with scorn, like a nuisance fly hungry to shit all over

This Is What Taylor Swift’s Saturday Night with Her Besties Looks Like

Taylor Swift is the Queen of Basic Bitch.

Orlando Bloom Really Wants to Fuck Taylor Swift

Who doesn't?

Taylor Swift Devolves Further Into Undateability, Adopts Second Cat

It gets worse.

Taylor Swift Had Three Kids Arrested For Shenanigans Outside Her House

Why you gotta be so mean?

I’m a Bro and I Love Girly Pop. Here are My Reasons.

Not afraid to admit it.

Taylor Swift Showed Off Her Bikini Body on Instagram and It Is Fantastic

Summer is right around the corner.


DAYYYYYMNNNNUUUUUNMNNNNNNN Taylor was puttin' on a leg show in New York.

You (Probably) Don’t Meet Taylor Swift’s Requirements to Be Her Boyfriend

Lady's got some standards.

Taylor Swift Crashed ‘Saturday Night Live’ Yesterday

Whenever a man feels emotion, she appears.

No One Wants to Date Taylor Swift Because She’ll Write Songs About Them

Taylor Swift made a career by writing songs that appeal to teenage girls coming off their first breakup.

Taylor Swift Wore the Shortest Shorts Ever To the Gym, Has Legs for Dayyyyyyyyys

Dayyyyyyyyymmmmmmnnnn T-swizzle... We always knew you had some rockin' legs, but these?

Taylor Swift Lost Virginity to Jake Gyllenhaal, Then Wrote Last Album About Their Breakup

Really earth-shattering, groundbreaking news out of Taylor Swift’s camp today (the camp is designed to look like an Instagram filter […]

Taylor Swift Attacked at the Grammys

Ryu from Street Fighter high-kicks Taylor Swift during her performance of "All Too Well." If you don't laugh at this, we can't be friends:

A Taylor Swift Fan Had the Dumbest Reaction Possible to Daft Punk Winning Album of the Year


Taylor Swift Had a Priceless Reaction When She Thought She Won ‘Album of the Year’

Taylor Swift didn't win album of the year, Daft Punk did for Random Access Memories. But she sure thought she did based on her initial reaction

How HOT Was Taylor Swift Headbanging at the Grammys?

Taylor Swift looked like 100% wifey material at the Grammys tonight, especially when she got her head-bang on during her performance. Her hair-flip game was

Taylor Swift Fans Are Pissed About the Golden Globes, Because Taylor Swift Fans Are the Worst

Hell hath no fury like a scorned Taylor Swift fan. 

This GIF of Jennifer Lawrence Photoboming Taylor Swift Is GREAT

Now THIS is how you troll Taylor Swift. Kudos to Jennifer Lawrence for this epic photobomb of Taylor Swift while T-swizzle yammed it up with

Are Taylor Swift and Snapchat’s CEO Hooking Up?

The nerd table and the girls on the bleachers won't shut up about the news: Taylor Swift and Snapchat CEO may have made out on New

Taylor Swift Pisses Off Neighbors with Giant Wall

Taylor Swift, a time-traveling Victorian etiquette book for eligible ladies, has a new house. That house is located in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. It's 11,000 square

6 WAGS Everyone Searched for in 2013

The only thing that should surprise you about Tim Tebow being labeled as the “Most Searched Athlete of 2013” by Bing is that people actually

Wake Up With Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Syncing Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’

Since none of them probably actually sing like an angel, a few Victoria's Secret babes took a break from the recent VS Fashion Show to

How To Handle a Quarter Life Crisis At 22

Being in your 20s is the time when your college “fantasy” world and the real world, the stereotypical 9-5 job, coincide. In a bad way.

Overly Attached Girlfriend Reads Taylor Swift Lyrics, Freaks Me Out

Laina Walker's whole "Overly Attached Girlfriend" is an act, but that doesn't mean this isn't my worst nightmare. Anything involving Taylor's Swifts lollipops-and-appltini-wit-my-girlz fantasyland is my