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DAYYYYYMNNNNUUUUUNMNNNNNNN Taylor was puttin' on a leg show in New York.

You (Probably) Don’t Meet Taylor Swift’s Requirements to Be Her Boyfriend

Lady's got some standards.

Taylor Swift Crashed ‘Saturday Night Live’ Yesterday

Whenever a man feels emotion, she appears.

No One Wants to Date Taylor Swift Because She’ll Write Songs About Them

Taylor Swift made a career by writing songs that appeal to teenage girls coming off their first breakup.

Taylor Swift Wore the Shortest Shorts Ever To the Gym, Has Legs for Dayyyyyyyyys

Dayyyyyyyyymmmmmmnnnn T-swizzle... We always knew you had some rockin' legs, but these?

Taylor Swift Lost Virginity to Jake Gyllenhaal, Then Wrote Last Album About Their Breakup

Really earth-shattering, groundbreaking news out of Taylor Swift’s camp today (the camp is designed to look like an Instagram filter [...]

Taylor Swift Attacked at the Grammys

Ryu from Street Fighter high-kicks Taylor Swift during her performance of "All Too Well." If you don't laugh at this, we can't be friends:

A Taylor Swift Fan Had the Dumbest Reaction Possible to Daft Punk Winning Album of the Year


Taylor Swift Had a Priceless Reaction When She Thought She Won ‘Album of the Year’

Taylor Swift didn't win album of the year, Daft Punk did for Random Access Memories. But she sure thought she did based on her initial reaction

How HOT Was Taylor Swift Headbanging at the Grammys?

Taylor Swift looked like 100% wifey material at the Grammys tonight, especially when she got her head-bang on during her performance. Her hair-flip game was

Taylor Swift Fans Are Pissed About the Golden Globes, Because Taylor Swift Fans Are the Worst

Hell hath no fury like a scorned Taylor Swift fan. 

This GIF of Jennifer Lawrence Photoboming Taylor Swift Is GREAT

Now THIS is how you troll Taylor Swift. Kudos to Jennifer Lawrence for this epic photobomb of Taylor Swift while T-swizzle yammed it up with

Are Taylor Swift and Snapchat’s CEO Hooking Up?

The nerd table and the girls on the bleachers won't shut up about the news: Taylor Swift and Snapchat CEO may have made out on

Taylor Swift Pisses Off Neighbors with Giant Wall

Taylor Swift, a time-traveling Victorian etiquette book for eligible ladies, has a new house. That house is located in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. It's 11,000 square

6 WAGS Everyone Searched for in 2013

The only thing that should surprise you about Tim Tebow being labeled as the “Most Searched Athlete of 2013” by Bing

Wake Up With Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Syncing Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’

Since none of them probably actually sing like an angel, a few Victoria's Secret babes took a break from the recent VS Fashion Show to

How To Handle a Quarter Life Crisis At 22

Being in your 20s is the time when your college “fantasy” world and the real world, the stereotypical 9-5 job, coincide. In a bad way.

Overly Attached Girlfriend Reads Taylor Swift Lyrics, Freaks Me Out

Laina Walker's whole "Overly Attached Girlfriend" is an act, but that doesn't mean this isn't my worst nightmare. Anything involving Taylor's Swifts lollipops-and-appltini-wit-my-girlz fantasyland

This Pinterest User Is Attributing Hitler Quotes to Taylor Swift, and It’s Brilliant

What do you get when you combine young girls' fanatical devotion to the Queen of Schmaltz—Taylor Swift—with easily misattributed quotes on the Internet? The Pinterest

Watch Taylor Swift Lose Her Sh*t During Miley Cyrus’s VMA Performance

Seated front and center of the Barclay's Center next to Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift had some pretty priceless reactions during last night's VMAs, including mouthing

Did Taylor Swift Mouth ‘Shut the F*ck Up’ At the VMAs?

Taylor Swift is seated next to Selema Gomez. Shorlty before Gomez won the first Moonman of the night, Taylor Swift was pictured mouthing what looked

Taylor Swift Leaves $500 Tip at Philadelphia Restaurant, Really Cool Again

OK, Taylor. You're back on my "cool" list again. After a Philadelphia concert last week, Swift dined at South Philly institution, Ralph’s Italian Restaurant. Apparently

Jimmy Eat World Covers Taylor Swift’s ‘We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back to Together’

Jimmy Eat World was one of those bands I listened to a lot at the age of 22, so it's quite serendipitous for this band

Jimmy Eat World Covered Taylor Swift, Made it Better

You never know what life has in store for you. Like, I certainly didn’t expect to be posting a video of Jimmy Eat World covering

Exhaustive Infograph Explains Taylor Swift’s Relationships with 23 Different Men

I think it's fair to say that without this massive web of dudes, Taylor Swift wouldn't have the career she has now. In case you're

Abercrombie Pulls Funny T-Shirt After Taylor Swift Fans Get Mad

Back in May, notorious clothier Abercrombie and Fitch caused a international outrage by not making plus-sized clothing. The ire mostly came from the resurfacing

New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders Wear Bikinis, ‘Sing’ Taylor Swift

New Orleans Saints cheerleaders wore minimal clothing and made a “music video.” Here’s a short song about the event.

We Can Only Wish Taylor Swift Tweeted This to Kim Kardashian & Kanye West About Their New Baby Girl

Perhaps you heard the news, but yesterday new mom Kim Kardashian and new dad Kanye West welcomed a baby daughter into the world.

This ‘Feminist Taylor Swift’ Twitter Account Is a Laugh and a Half

Well done parody here, and very clever humor that turns Taylor Swift's lyrics into that of a hardcore Feminist. Rampant sarcasm throughout, and


Russell Westbrook Singing Taylor Swift While Shirtless is Cause for Concern

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is one poor son of a bitch. He’s so bored rehabbing his surgically repaired knee that he’s posting videos

The Rolling Stones and Taylor Swift Perform ‘As Tears Go By’ In Chicago

I don't know if Taylor Swift performing with my spiritual rock'n roll heroes makes me want to laugh or cry. But it sure is... something. 

Arizona Cardinals Rookies Dance As Little Girl Sings Taylor Swift

Several Arizona Cardinals rookies visited Phoenix Children’s Hospital yesterday and brightened up some brave kids’ day. The highlight, of course, was this young girl singing

Conan O’Brien Crafts a Great Video Rebuttal to Taylor Swift on What Life’s Actually Like at ‘22’

A month or two back, Brandon penned an excellent reaction to Taylor Swift's video for "22." As Brandon notes, the whole thing is

Best GIF of the Day is Taylor Swift Reacting to Justin Bieber Awkwardly Kissing Selena Gomez

Well this is just too perfect. Taylor Swift cleaned up at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, walking away with eight wins, including including top artist and

Guess What a Taylor Swift Fan Was Caught Doing at Her $17m Beach House?

Creepy, Bro.... 

‘32,’ a Down-to-Earth Parody of Taylor Swift’s Stupid ‘22’ Song

Did you read my rant about Taylor Swift's "22" back when the music video came out? Excuse my strong language, but f*ck that

The 5 Most Unlikable Female Celebrities

Have you ever been clicking around the nets and you come to some story about Taylor Swift or Lindsay Lohan and think to yourself “how

Even Jeopardy Can’t Resist Making Fun of Taylor Swift

Alex Trebek, you bastard.

Taylor Swift ‘Accidentially’ Throws Bags of Unopened Fan Mail In a Dumpster

There's no doubt in my mind that Taylor Swift is pretty darn busy. After all, she's an A-list singer who made $57 million last year (more

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Want to Know About Taylor Swift

Vanity Fair landed a big exclusive with the gal everyone can't stop chattering about, Taylor Swift. Though the interview in its entirety is in VF's April