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Kentucky National Championship Tattoo Guy is Keeping His Tattoo

So close, yet still so far.

6 Free Tattoo Ideas for the Kentucky Fan With the Premature NCAA Champions Ink

These can't miss.

Man Gets a Tattoo of a McDonald’s Receipt, Because YOLO

This lovely tattoo belongs to an 18-year-old from Norway. Yes, it's a McDonald's receipt permanently inked on his right arm.

Kentucky Already Won the NCAA Tournament, According to this Really Smart Tattoo

Could be bad.

Today in Stupid But Hilarious Things Rednecks Do: Getting a Friend to Punch You Out Before Getting a Tattoo

This guy—the one with the fantastic neck tattoo, sloppy haircut and just a general aura of something vaguely neo-Nazish—wants to get a tattoo.

Pike Dream Girl at the University of Arizona Tattooed the Fraternity’s Letters on the Inside of Her Lip (UPDATE)

Pikes bein' Pikes.

These Two Bros Got Matching ‘Yeah Jeets’ Tribute Tattoos to Derek Jeter on Their Left Ass Cheeks

Hot tip right here. Per the reader email we just received: “Me and my boy supporting the captain.” I never [...]

Man Gets Jail Time For Convincing Tattoo Artist To Ink a 15″ Penis On His Buddy

What a dick. A man has been jailed after he encouraged a ‘backyard tattooist’ to draw a 40cm penis on [...]

Torz Reynolds Slices Off Tattoo Of Ex-Boyfriend’s Name, Mails Skin To Him (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

There is an extremely graphic photo if you click this link. So do so at your own peril. Torz Reynolds [...]

Sweet Louisville Cardinals Tattoo, Bro

Quick, close your eyes and picture the most gaudy and unnecessary Louisville Cardinals scalp tattoo. OK, open them up. How'd you do?

The Auburn ‘War Eagel’ Tattoo Isn’t Real

This abominable photo of a misspelled Auburn tattoo has been circulating over the past few days. Perhaps you’ve seen it. Perhaps you had a laugh

Justin Bieber Got an American Symbol of Freedom Tatted On His Canadian Body

Bro... I speak for the rest of America when I say this: Go back to Canada. 

Man With Nebraska Face Tattoo in Mug Shot is One of God’s Children, Too

“Hey, it wasn’t me. It was the other guy with the Nebraska face tattoo.” 

Unlucky Guy With AK-47 Tattoo Keeps Getting Charged With Shootings

Lots of people claim to not give a damn. This guy right here DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN.

Referee Rocking Playboy Bunny Tattoo is My Favorite Referee

Referees don’t get much respect. They’re constantly bitched at and told they suck at their jobs. It takes a guy with thick skin to excel

Flowchart: Should You Get That Tattoo?

Sometimes restraint is the better part of valor, especially when it comes to getting ink. 

Milwaukee Bucks’ Larry Sanders ‘Recieves’ Misspelled Tattoo

‘Tis better to give than receive. ‘Tis also better to make sure any tattoo you’re getting is spelled correctly.

Bro Can’t Seem to Get Girls to Orgasm, Plus Does Your Buddy’s New Girlfriend Hate Your Guts?

Submit your Ask a Babe questions here

Man Has Tattoo of Jesus Christ in a Boston Bruins Jersey

People in Boston are completely reasonable with their sports fandom, which explains this tattoo of Jesus Christ in a Bruins jersey. With his famous saving

How Awesomely Nerdy Are These 37 Harry Potter Tattoos?

Gotta admit... I'm a big fan of a Mischief Managed tattoo...

Rate Swaggy Bro Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo

Swaggy Bro/kitchen-pisser Justin Bieber has a new tattoo that he's like to show the world. Yes, that's a tattoo of his mom Pattie Mallette's eye

Gents, We Have the Worst Sports Column of 2013

John Wall doesn't deserve a max contract because he got tattoos paying tribute to his mother and the Raleigh "skyline." Right, guys?


Rate This Guy’s Giant 49ers Tattoo

A good sports tattoo is a real rarity. This San Francisco 49ers ink, however, is all kinds of awesome.

The 17 Most Random Athletes to Be Tatted on a Person

You're barely even a person until you have a Triple H and Bubba Watson tattoo.

Buffalo Bills Fan Has Giant Tattoo of O.J. Simpson’s Mug Shot on Thigh

Bryan Labarron is a self-appointed Buffalo Bills “superfan.” He also has questionable judgment.

Shirtless Rick Pitino Proves He Actually Got that Tattoo

Rick Pitino is a man of his word? Rick Pitino is a man of his word, I guess.

Atlanta Braves Fan Gets the Greatest Fan Tattoo Ever

What better way to pay homage to your team than getting a self-portrait of you wearing your teams hat on your outer ass? That had

Woman Gets the World’s Most WTF-Worthy Tattoo

This might be NSFW, so click through with caution.

Guy Gives Himself a Tattoo of a Turd, Uploads Picture to Facebook

Sometimes DIY tattoos don't turn out the way you'd expect them to. 

Hahahaha. You guys... It's suppose to be a blunt,

20 Tips for Getting a Sports Tattoo

There should be an IQ test for getting a tattoo of a sports team. 

This Guy is Super Proud of His Atrocious Alabama Tattoo

They love their football down in Alabama. This dude, however, should probably rein in his enthusiasm for the Crimson Tide.

Man Tattoos His Name Over Girlfriend’s Face, but Don’t Worry, She’s Totally Cool with It

True love came quickly to Lesya Toumaniantz and her now-husband, Rouslan Toumaniantz, after the pair met in an online chat room and later in-person in Moscow, Russia.

Here’s a Philadelphia Eagles Fan With a ‘Fire Andy’ Ass Tattoo

You, sir, are an idiot.

Looking Good, Lil Wayne!

Lil Wayne recently got a tattoo of the word "Baked" on his forehead. The... uh, unconventional tat actually isn't a drug reference—instead, it was done

Highly Recruited Linebacker With Enormous Auburn Tattoo Decommits to Auburn

To be fair, lots of high school seniors have tattoos they’ll come to regret over the next 70 years and they aren’t the subject of

Miami Dolphins Fan Displays World’s Worst Tattoo As Team Gets Routed

I really hate the 1972 Miami Dolphins. They band together like a bunch of assholes anytime someone threatens to go undefeated and actively root against

The 10 Worst Tattoos People Get

In case you missed it, Scarlett Johansson recently got some new ink. I’m not sure whether she was trying to say she’s the lucky

Rate Scarlett Johansson’s New ‘Lucky You’ Tattoo

World-famous French tattoo artist Fuzi Uvtpk recently inked Scarlett Johansson with a special horseshoe “lucky you” tattoo on her ribcage. It

Insane Notre Dame Fan Gets Golden Dome Tattooed on His Own Dome

I am a little torn about this. On one hand, I feel the need to alert you all to this man’s idiotic decision to get

This Dude in Indiana Got Paid $15,000 for a Mitt Romney Tattoo

Everyone has to make a living somehow, right?