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Watch This Bro Get TASERED Immediately After Doing The Ice Bucket Challenge

Everything's better with a taser.

Redskins Beer Vendors Tased, Robbed, Locked in Freezer at Monday Night’s Game

Well, you've got to give petty crooks one thing: They never seem to run out of ideas for stupid crimes. 

At Least Your Saturday Didn’t End With Being Tased By Police (This Guy’s Did)

No one likes listening to the cops, but you kinda have to, given the number of weapons they have at their disposal. 

Watch a Dude Get Arrested for Jumping Over a Cop. Fair, or F*cked Up?

This reminds me a lot of when you're in a crowded bar and have to nudge someone in order to get to the area you

Security Guard in Atlanta Tases Unruly Woman Right Infront of her Kids, She Goes Stiff

In this dude's defense he's just doing his goddamn job. Not sitting there waving his taser around hoping someone tries him so he can put

Drunk Bro Goes Absolutely Nuts in Back of Cop Car, Kicks Officer in Face, Gets Tased

This locomotive has gone off the FUCKING rails. Complete composure yard sale, right here. Spits on the officers, threatens to kill them, kicks a cop