This Dude Is So Hyped To Have A Taser, Until He Accidentally Tasers Himself, Then Not So Much

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I can't decide what's more entertaining: the dude tasering himself into a fit of convulsions or his friend on his knees in the background motor boating his girlfriend in plain site.


Barry Cofield Doesn’t Want to Be Tased, Bro, for Sacking Jay Culter


Last night the Giants KOed the Bears, clobbering Bears QB Jay Cutler nine times in the first half before putting him on the bench with a concussion.


17-Year-Old Phillies Fan Gets Tasered After Running Onto the Field


 Last night a 17-year-old Phillies fan tried to do what Mac and Dee hoped to accomplish this episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia": run on to the field of Citizen's Bank Park during the middle of a game and proceed to make an ass clown out of himself.


I Willingly Got Tazed and Did Shots of Rubbing Alcohol on My Spring Break


Editor's Note: Some epic Spring Break stories have been trickling in to our inbox.

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