march madness

Bro Repeatedly Dunks All Over His Girlfriend In Greatest Target Shopping Trip Ever


Qias Omar loves basketball and he REALLY love March Madness so rather than whine about going shopping with his girlfriend at Target he brought along a plastic ball so he could perform highlight reel moves on her and her shopping cart.

Women Shopping

Ever Wonder What The Hell Goes On Inside The Head Of A Woman Shopping In Target? Here’s The Answer


Finally, a peek inside the minds of women the minute they step foot in the massive building with the target on top.

gta v

Gamers Petition Target To Change Its ‘Violent Name And Aggressive Logo’ After Target Australia Drops GTA V


The video gaming community of Australia is an uproar after Target Australia decided to pulled GTA V from its shelves citing depictions of sexual violence and misogyny.


Manager At Target Gives Epic ‘300’ Speech To His Employees Before Black Friday: This Is TARGET!


It's hard to rally your troops in the face of an unsurmountable foe, and by troops I mean retail employees wearing red shirts, and by foes I of course am talking about the millions of deal-hungry shoppers on Black Friday.


Guy steals TV from Target, casually skateboards away with it in bizarre surveillance video


What would it look like if Bart Simpson turned to a life of crime.


22 Reasons Every Guy Should Hate Black Friday


Now that Halloween is over, it is time to start getting ready for the single greatest day of the year, Black Friday.

who is the sexy actress

Who is the sexy actress in the Target Everyday Collection ladder commercial?


If you watch any TV at all, and are a guy, you may have noticed a commercial for Target's Everyday Collection that features an actress with one of the sexiest sets of legs you've seen in some time.


Katt Williams loses mind, quits comedy


Then un-quits comedy, still can't find mind.


Renaming items at the department store (hilariously)


Rather than rely on the intellect of Target shoppers, Pleated Jeans editor (and former Guyism writer.

The Hunger Games movie

Target selling a ‘Hunger Games’ pin for $1000


Because Hunger Games fans are dumb enough to buy anything.

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