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Holy CRAP: This Pic of Tara Reid In a Bikini Is Like You Got In a Time Machine to 1999

Tara? Tara Reid? Is that you? Is it 1999? Is Carson Daly on TRL? Did someone give Limp Bizcuit something to break?

You Can Star in ‘Sharknado 2’

Were you one of America's cultural thought leaders who live-tweeted Sharknado as though you were an intrepid reporter breathlessly telefaxing dispatches from the Senate Watergate hearings?

Tara Reid Tries to Define ‘Whale Shark,’ Makes a Complete Fool Out of Herself

Tara Reid was the highlight of Tuesday night's Shark Week programming, topping off Discovery's Shark After Dark talk show with one of the dumbest rambles about "whale

Here’s a Trailer for ‘Sharknado’ Which is As Dumb As it Sounds

If you’ve been wondering what Tara Reid has been up to, we have an answer. She’s starring in an upcoming SyFy film about some sort

Famous Three-Ways and Sprint Cup Babes In This Week’s Hottie Index, Hosted by Jenn Sterger

Host Jenn Sterger runs through another edition of the Hottie Index where we focus on scandalous photos, threesomes involving athletes with movie stars, the finest

Did A-Rod and Cameron Diaz Have a Ménage à Trois in Paris With Tara Reid?

One gossip blog seems to think so.