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Tara Reid Is Looking SMOKING Hot In A Bikini These Days

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Tara Reid is the ULTIMATE girl next door that everyone, be it your Mom, your Dad, your crazy cat neighbor down the street or the creepy kid in the back of your psychology class who eats paste all day, everyone loves her.


Whoa! Tara Reid Is Looking Damn Hot In A Tiny Bikini

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Tara Reid has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately what with the Sharknado movies and all, but what I am more interested in is the fact that Tara Reid, 15 years after we first noticed her in American Pie, is still rocking the hot little bikini body you see here today.

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17 more sexy ladies who took the Ice Bucket Challenge: Eva Longoria, Stephanie McMahon, Gisele and more


There were so many sexy female celebrities doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge we couldn't possibly share them all today so we just slammed them all into one epic list.

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Tara Reid now has her own fragrance called ‘Shark by Tara’ and no I am not kidding


Because who doesn't want to smell like Tara Reid fresh off her second turn as April Wexler in Sharkando 2: The Second One comes a new fragrance called, wait for it, "Shark by Tara.

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Tara Reid thinks that a Sharknado could actually happen


I tried to ignore this, I really did, because I have been doing my best to give Tara Reid the benefit of the doubt for months now because I like her, but seriously, Tara.

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The New ‘Sharknado 2′ Trailer Not Only Has Sharks, But Also Flying Chainsaws And A Used-Up Looking Tara Reid


I don't watch the SyFy channel, but when I do, it's because motherfucking Sharknado is on.

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Tara Reid shows off hot bikini body after Jason Biggs diss


Remember a couple of weeks ago when Jason Biggs, Tara Reid's co-star in American Pie, busted on Tara for her body.

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