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Kevin Kiermaier Hit a Ball So Hard It Went Right Through Eric Hosmer’s Glove

What? You got a hole in your glove or something?

Talkative Fan at Orioles-Rays Game Escapes Foul Boul Death by Mere Inches

Look out.

Desmond Jennings Made a Catch That Will Make You Question Your Rod and Cone Alignment


Alex Cobb Used a Dolphin to Propose to His Girlfriend

Yeah, that’s pretty clever. Good on the dolphin for not getting jealous. Read¬†Rays’ Pitcher Alex Cobb Proposed to His Girlfriend […]

Bros! Tampa Bay’s David Price Thinks You Need to Handle The Holiday Driving

There are gonna be some shitty travel conditions this holiday weekend.

Wildly Athletic Streaker Steals Show at Rays-Rangers Game

If you’re going to streak, you best get your money’s worth. Consider you’ll be spending some time in jail and will have to pay a

Tampa Bay Rays Fans Fail Miserably at Spell ‘Go Rays,’ Hilarity Ensues

PIctured during a Rays-Angels game in Anaheim. Whoops. I think you're missing the "O" and "R."

Rays Pitcher David Price Tosses Bullpen Session in Full Vanderbilt Football Uniform

David Price is ready for some football. Well, he went to an SEC school, so he’s always ready for some football. But he doesn’t always

Tampa Bay Rays OF Luke Scott Has a Blue Rat Tail

Luke Scott is a dude who marches to the beat of his own drummer. And his drummer is playing a very unique syncopated rhythm.

The Red Sox and Rays Got in a Twitter Fight Because 2013

The Tampa Bay Rays beat the Boston Red Sox, 2-1, last night to move into first place in the American League East. They did so

David Price’s Dog Pooped on Tropicana Field

No one would have noticed, but the fireballer decided to tweet out the graphic image. Very sensible.

Toronto Blue Jays Pitcher J.A. Happ Takes Liner to the Head, Leaves on Stretcher

There was a truly scary moment in Tampa Bay last night when Toronto Blue Jays pitcher J.A. Happ was struck in the head by a

This Is Why You Don’t Take Selfies

You shouldn't take selfies or even really say the word "selfie" anyway—I'm sorry, I couldn't think of an acceptable substitute and "self-shot" isn't a word—but

Tampa Bay Rays Groundskeeper Does Spectacular Rendition of the ‘Carlton’ Dance

It's a well known fact that if you want your serotonin levels to rise without the use of medication, all you need to do is

Carlos Pena is the Next Hitler, According to Terrible Typo

Closed captioning fail.

Yet Again, Hawk Harrelson Rants and Raves Like a Lunatic

Don’t believe me? Watch the clip. Harrelson has a point. There were no warnings issued by home plate umpire Mark Wegner before this pitch. What

What If Don Zimmer and a Teddy Bear Had Sex, Tampa Bay Rays Wonder

It's like the Tampa Bay Rays want us to treat them like a minor-league team. From the catwalk-laden "stadium" to their new kitty mascot, they

PSA: Dubstep DJ Kitty Is the New Tampa Bay Rays Mascot

So nice to finally see one of our favorite felines, Dubstep DJ Kitty, make a natural career transition. The new gig? The Tampa Bay Rays

Watch Evan Longoria’s Walk-Off Homerun That Kept Boston Out of the Playoffs

What an incredible night. Somehow the weird baseball Powers That Be have decided that the Tampa Bay Rays are going to the playoffs

This Is How an Umpire with a Hot Mic Reacts After Being Hit By David Ortiz’s Bat

As they usually do for Sunday night baseball, ESPN mic'd up homeplate umpire Chad Fairchild for the Sox-Rays game. The mic was rather hot when