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Key & Peele Finally Met Liam Neesons

Most people say Key & Peele’s best sketch is the East-West Bowl. They are wrong. It’s this one, where the two […]

‘Give Us All Our Daughters Back,’ Is a Rather Stereotypically Genius Action Movie Spoof

The SNL train really kept rolling last night. Here's their fusion of every over-the-top action movie made recently, featuring the most hilarious idiosyncracies of Liam

Liam Neeson Has a Particular Set of Skills—But Does Not Know Rules of Football, Cursing on Air

It hasn't been a good week for Liam Neeson. First, he saw his new flick, "Taken 2," come under fire from critics and fans for

Liam F*cking Neeson: The Trailer for ‘Taken 2’ Has Arrived (!!!)

Get ready to crumble, Internet: It's Liam F*cking Neeson! The most badass retired CIA operative on the big screen is back for "Taken 2," this