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Holy Shit! Taiwanese Funerals Look Ridiculously Fun

Are all funerals in Taiwan this rockin'? It's like a death pep rally. You've got saxophones, bass drums, marching, WHISTLES, chicks in short skirts and knee-high boots, I fucking

The Taiwanese Military’s New Masks Are Scary as Hell

Just in time for Halloween, the Taiwanese military is here to scare the shit out of you with their new uniforms. 

The David Petraeus Affair Gets an Appropriately Insane Taiwanese Animation

Look, we've followed this story with an-almost New York Times level of detail. It has everything: Twists, turns, sex, high-ranking military officials, possible governmental conspiracy,

Watch Emperor Roger Goodell Pee on Fans in this Bizarre Replacement Refs Taiwanese Animation

When the greatest issues of our time need commentary, we turn, as always, to the geniuses at Next Media Animation, also known as the Taiwanese

The Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries Divorce Gets the Taiwanese Animation Treatment

You knew this was inevitable. One almost has to wonder if the folks at NMATV made this right after the two celebrated their

Snooki, Situation, and their ‘Jersey Shore’ Castmates Get Taiwanese Computer Animation Treatment

  Another day, another Taiwanese computer graphic-animated send up of a current event. Today's installment: the first two episodes of the second season of "Jersey Shore."