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No One Will Judge You If You Get a Boner Watching This Chick Throw Out a Ceremonial First Pitch

The MLB could learn a whole hell of a lot from Taiwan on how to properly throw out a ceremonial first pitch.

Taiwanese Announcer Provides Perfect One-Liner After a Manny Ramirez Home Run

Manny Ramirez playing baseball in Taiwan has provided us with an absolute treasure trove of fun. The fun continued thanks to a brave play-by-play man

According to the Taiwanese Animators, Golf is The World’s Most Exciting Game

Yup, this settles it. Getting all my golf news from Taiwan from now on. They really cut to the core of the game’s biggest stories.

The Taiwanese Animators Have Some Thoughts on the Super Bowl

The Taiwanese animators have big expectations for Super Sunday. They fully expect some on-field murders and giant flying birds. Now THAT would be a halftime

‘Trike Drifting’ in Taiwan Looks Hella Dope

Definitely one of the cooler hobbies on could have. 

Taiwanese Families Betting on When Family Members Will Die is the New Hotness

That’s dark. Dark as shit.

Gamers Upset They Had to Quit Playing While Pesky Police Dealt With Dead Body

Gamers didn't let a little thing like a corpse sitting next to them ruin their good time last week at an Internet cafe in Taiwan.

74-Year-Old Man Chokes on Dentures During Sex With Prostitute, Dies

A 74-year-old Taiwanese man died after swallowing his dentures while having sex with his 62-year-old prostitute. This is how I want to go out. Doing