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ASU Bans Kegs, Funnels and Drinking Games from Football Tailgates

Canned beer is just as potent; cornhole is more fun than beer pong; and funneling is for fucking amateurs.

A Few Buffalo Bills Fans Spent Entire Season Posterizing Opposing Team’s Unsuspecting Fans

Drinking beers, eating BBQ, and posterizing motherfuckers while miraculously not getting shot and/or stabbed. Great use of tailgating time. 

We’re In Love with This Honest Girl at Ole Miss Who Just Wants to Booze It Up at the Grove

Love this video about tailgating at Ole Miss' The Grove on Gameday. Rather than talking about how great the social atmosphere is or whatever bullshit line

Cleveland Browns Fan Creates One of the Coolest Tailgating Trucks You’ll Ever Find

The truck is hot fire, there's no two ways about that, but it's obviously flawed: hard to really play pool when you can't take a shot

Video Proof That Ole Miss Has the Hottest Girls In Sundresses In the SEC….

We always knew the talent at Ole Miss was A+, but this video about tailgating at The Grove makes it official..

I’m Shmacked Went to Texas A&M University for the Alabama Game, Awesomeness Ensued

Johnny Manziel would be proud of how hard his Aggies threw down when I'm Shmacked rolled through College Station for the Alabama game. 

LSU Bro Tackles His Friend Through a Beer Pong Table, Innocent Girl Goes Down as Well

Perfectly good, LSU football field beer pong table DESTROYED. 

Auburn Bro Destroys His Tailgate with a Single Game of Dizzy Bat

A BroBible reader sent us this glorious video of an Auburn Bro destroying his tailgate before the Mississippi State game with a game of dizzy

A Tribute to College Students Who Tailgate Without Going to the Game

This is BroBible, so I think it's safe to say that most of the readers here enjoy watching football, be it professional or college level.

How to Throw the Worst Tailgate Ever

ecognizing party-killers in advance and trying to avoid them is how you can avoid throwing the worst tailgate ever.

Top 5 Reasons Fall Semester Is The Best Semester

Fall semester is so bitter sweet, as it marks the end of summer/easy parking and it begins a new chapter in the college experience. There’s

One Bro’s Argument Why Drinking Beer and Watching Sports Isn’t the Perfect Match It Seems to Be

Whether you go to the game and pay $8 for one, or sit on your couch and drink six for that same price, you’re going

The 20 Happiest People in Sports, 10 Tailgate Recipe Musts, Plus More Midweek Sports Links

Power through your Thursday with a heapin' helpin of the latest and greatest sports news and entertainment from around the web. 

This Very Cool Infographic Breaks Down the Many Types of College Football Tailgaters By Region

Awesome work here. 

Nucklez’s ‘Turn It Up’ Is Terrible, An Ode to Tailgating for Alabama Football

Like the rest of you, I take my artistic cues from Alabama fans. No one – and I mean no one – lives on the

Drunk Kansas State Fans Answer Today’s Debate: Which Candidate Would You Rather Tailgate With?

Today, millions of people will head to the polls to vote in the 57th straight Most Important Election of Your Life, picking between the man

40 Photos from Our Tailgate at Michigan-Michigan State in Ann Arbor

Rowdy, obstreperous, rambunctious, raucous, wild, crazy.

The Best Sports Photos of the 90’s, 10 NBA Coaches on the Hot Seat, Plus More Weekend Sports Links

With a sports weekend as action-packed as this past one, certain things tend to get swept under the rug. No rug here--we've got everything and

Kentucky President Eli Capilouto Bans Student Tailgating for USC Game

Kentucky students woke up this morning to what must have been a disconcerting email from their school president, Eli Capilouto, letting them know that student

BroBible Tailgate Tour 2012 Kicks Off At Michigan State THIS WEEKEND!

This fall, we're hitting the road for BroBible's 4th annual Tailgate Tour presented by SOL REPUBLIC, Nectar Sunglasses, Kegskins, and Liquid Flow. We'll be jumping

Pre-Gaming with Pat Is Back!

Remember Pat Stansik's "Pregaming with Pat" series from last year? This year everyone's favorite 24-year-old Michigan Man is back on the mean gameday streets of

Come Join BroBible’s Tailgate Team on Our 4th Annual Tour


Dissecting the Tailgating Traditions of College Football’s Preseason Top 15

August is here, and that means it’s time to start thinking about college football. There are a lot of questions for the top schools going

Mr. T’s College Football Road Trip: Where Should He Go?

The college I attended, Boston University, hasn't had a football team since 1997. Even then it was a D1-AA squad, so not exactly SEC-caliber. That

Get Pumped for the Spring Semester with I’m Shmacked’s Second Semester Teaser

As Winter Break is quickly coming to a halt for college students around the country. So, what better way to get amped for

Here’s a Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at the University of Michigan

"I'm Shmacked" continues to dominate at doc*menting the party scenes at some of the country's greatest colleges and universities. For the fifth installment

Pre-Gaming with Pat: Michigan Vs. Nebraska Edition

One of our favorite tailgate series to break out on the scene over the past few months has been Pat Stansik's awesome "Pre-gaming

Watch a Freestyling Philadelphia Eagles Fan Rap Hard About Getting Drunk/Tailgating

If you're having a sh*ty day, just watch this video our friends at Guyism found from the Sports Complex parking lot. It'll put

Easily the Fratiest Tailgate Party Video From Last Saturday’s Georgia vs. Florida Football Classic

This is one of the better tailgate videos we've seen this college football season. Nice camera work. Just don't see a sea of

Buffalo Bills Fan Too Drunk For Life

When Sunday Funday goes wrong... It was just one of those days. Dude let himself get out of hand. His Bills were off

How Ridiculous Is This Alabama Tailgate Truck?

Via Busted Coverage comes this absurd spectacle. It's easily one of the more ridiculous tributes to the Crimson Tide you'll ever see. All

Sadly, Detroit’s BootyLounge Mobile Strip Club To Be Banished From Lions Tailgating Areas

The Detroit Lions are in full-roar right now, with Matthew Stafford and company leading the team to a 3-0 start. However, there's a

Oh, Hey, Here’s a Toddler In A Miami T-Shirt Doing a Capri Sun Beer Bong at a Tailgate LIKE A BOSS

Very America-as-an-adjective if you ask us. Also, the most Florida thing you'll see today. Just a young Hurricane slamming Capri Sun in a

Watch a LSU Fan Grandma Do a Keg Stand While Tailgating

Watch out, University of Michigan's ULTRA shot-gunning grannies! There's a new tailgating grandma on the block, but this one is reppin' the purple

33 Photos From BroBible’s Unofficial Tailgate Tour Blow-Out at Syracuse With Tiësto

With an incredible trip North to Syracuse in the books, the 2011 BroBible Tailgate Tour is off to a great start. Though this was

Old Guy Gets His Lord of the Dance on at a University of Kentucky Tailgate

Michael Flatley couldn't hold this guy's dick, let alone beat him in a dance off. What an arsenal of moves he's amassed over

Michigan Students Answer Perplexing Questions About Eastern Michigan University

It's not quite as sexy as, say, two grandmas shotgunning a beer at a University of Michigan tailgate, but here's U of M's

Two Grandmas Shotgunning Beers at University of Michigan Tailgate

Looking past the fact that they were shotgunning Michelob ULTRA's at this Michigan tailgate, these old broads can hang better than most chicks

Lost Tailgate Footage from the 2011 Lacrosse Final Four in Baltimore

Our friends from Lax Playground sent us this little video of tailgate action at the College Lax Final Four in Baltimore over Memorial Day weekend.

Introducing The P-Tree: A Portable Urinal You Wrap Around a Tree

Something we all can agree on as men: One of the best things about being a guy is being able to take a leak wherever