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Live Más! The Booze At Taco Bell Will Be Coronas And ‘Twisted Freezes’ With Vodka, Tequila, And Rum


The Internet collectively lost its bananas last week when the news broke that Taco Bell in Chicago was applying for a liquor license.

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Insane Woman Goes COMPLETELY Ballistic At Taco Bell, Tells Manager To ‘Suck Her Dick!’


I am genuinely not a huge proponent of restaurant workers spitting in customers' food, but in this particular case, I wouldn't blame these Taco Bell employees if they spit in her Sriracha Quesarito, put pubes in her Volcano Burrito and jacked off in her Baja Blast.

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The Waffle Taco Is Dead, But Taco Bell Introduces New Biscuit Taco With Jalapeno Honey


Nearly two years ago, Taco Bell entered the fast food breakfast wars with their revolutionary Waffle Taco.

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Conan Is The Best Or Worst Boss Ever And Takes Employee To Taco Bell Headquarters


The best thing that a boss has ever done for me is fire me from my shitty dead-end job.

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