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Woman Obliterates Man and Breaks Chair With a Vicious Form Tackle After He Cheated in Musical Chairs

I love the guy's assumption that this game of musical chairs -- taking place at what looks to be a rodeo -- was being played

Bro Gets Absolutely Wrecked on Sideline, Shakes It Off Like a Fuckin’ Bro (GIF)

This is about as hard a hit you could accidentally take.

South Florida Running Back Victim of Incredible Flip Tackle

South Florida running back Marcus Shaw has seen all those highlight reel plays of ball carriers flipping over defenders for touchdowns. He tried to get

This Rugby Hit is the Most Violent Thing You’ll Ever See

Oh my sweet Lord in Heaven! This incredible hit, from a high school rugby match in New Zealand, is one of the more impressive sporting

Lingerie Football League Practices Filled with Slobberknockers

Last month, we learned that the Lingerie Football League was suspending operations. Did that depressing news spawn a world-class bender? You betcha. But

VIDEO: Rolando McClain Suplexes Rams Wide Receiver Danny Amendiola

St. Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola weighs only 185 pounds. That's a light breakfast to rookie Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain, who punished Amendola