Someone Counted Every Single Person Sylvester Stallone Killed On Film And HOLY SHIT It’s A Lot


It took Sylvester Stallone a few films to start murdering people in bunches, but by the time he filmed Rambo: First Blood Part II, man, he really hit his stride.

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This Bro’s Friends Forced Him To Live An Entire Day As Rambo In ‘First Blood’ For The Best Bachelor Party Ever


Vimeo As the resident Stallone/Rambo fanboy I'm sort of obligated to post about this.

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Tourists Running Up Rocky Steps In Philadelphia Run Into Sylvester Stallone, Take A Selfie


A trio of tourists hitting up one of the most tourist-friendly spots in Philadelphia got the surprise of a lifetime.

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Bros! Sylvester Stallone Is Making Another Rambo Movie! Are We Excited?


32 years after making First Blood Sylvester Stallone is finally going to close the door on John Rambo with a fifth and final film in the series called, wait for it: Rambo: Last Blood.


These 7 Men Will Save Us All From Ebola…If Ebola Was Threatening America In A Movie


Ebola is literally pounding down your door (says the media), and we're all about to succumb to Ebola hemorrhagic fever unless these 7 heroes step in and save us.

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This ‘Everything Wrong With ‘Days of Thunder” Video Doesn’t Take Into Account That NOTHING IS WRONG with ‘Days of Thunder’


You don't have to be able to handle lactose to know how good the cheese in 80s movies is -- or that line I just wrote, because it's pure cheese and I'll issue a formal apology later.

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Sylvester Stallone and David Letterman Chugged Raw Eggs, See How That Worked Out For Them


Stallone looked way less interested in chugging raw eggs than Letterman did, didn't he.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone Caught on Camera Hurling the N-Word at Paparazzi


"Yo Adrian, I did it, I called a paparazzo a n*gger.

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‘Homefront’ red band trailer lets James Franco get methy


Do you think James Franco did meth in real life to prepare for the role.

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