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Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan Are Repping Their Good Luck Tutus Again

There's nothing wrong with superstition, especially when it's sexy.

Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux’s American Outfits Today Put the Sexy in Soccer

They are America's soccer hotties.

That Awkward Time Sydney Leroux Tried a ‘Happy Gilmore’ Golf Shot

Totes awks, but good try, good effort.

Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux Hitchhiked With Fans Because They Are Awesome

When we last left Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux, they were winning our hearts by looking gorgeous in bikinis in Hawaii. 

Alex Morgan Dressed As Miley Cyrus and Twerked On Sydney Leroux for Halloween

Last year Alex Morgan awesomely dressed as Team USA gymnst Mckayla Maroney for Halloween. This year America's most beloved soccer star teamed up with her pal

Here’s Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux Looking HOT in Hawaii

Who doesn't like the U.S. women's national team? They win, they seem fun, and they vacation in Hawaii together. And take bikini pictures. Mai tais