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Peeing in Pools with Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte is a big advocate of pissing in pools. So much so that he made an entire video about it. 

Watch American Nathan Adrian Win 100m Freestyle Gold By .01 Seconds

American Nathan Adrian won the men’s 100m freestyle yesterday in London by the absolute thinnest of margins. The great part about a gold medal, though,

U.S. Olympic Swimmer Tyler Clary Says Michael Phelps Has Poor Work Ethic

Some goddamn nerve this guy has. Maybe Tyler Clary should get his dick wet and win a few medals before calling out the guy that

Everyone Wins When Bar Refaeli Goes for a Swim

Well, here's the hottest video to fall on our radar in a long time. In a new YouTube spot for her under.me underwear line, Bar

Michael Phelps Drops Out of 200m Freestyle, May Be a Human Being After All

Best swimmer alive/Subway enthusiast Michael Phelps--who made a headline or two by winning a record 8 Gold Medals during the 2008 Olympics--will not be repeating

What It’s Like to Swim in a Lake With Millions of Jellyfish

Via explorer Sarosh Jacob comes one of the coolest nature videos you'll see today. "Jellyfish Lake" -- home to millions of jellyfish -- is located